KSI Viral Videos – (Feb. 18, 2017)

More Viral Videos. Battlefield 1, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, Resident Evil and… Linkin Park?

Blog bar raw mah gah JUSPRLMFNS!


On to the content.

Are you a late-night gamer? I know there’s ton of late-night gamers in KSI.

Here’s a video that focuses on problems only late-night gamers face. Me, myself, I go to bed at 8 p.m. every night so I don’t feel your pain.

It’s time to REACT! I love REACT. They basically just grab a group of people and capture how they react to random things.

They’ve let old people play Grand Theft Auto before and it was hilarious.

Here’s teenagers pooping themselves from fright at Resident Evil 7.

I know nothing about Rainbow Six Siege, but I do know StoneMountain64 is awesome. (Please don’t be a racist, please don’t be a racist, please don’t be a racist.)

So anyway here’s StoneMountain playing Rainbow Six.

Rocket League is the best game on Xbox, and montages of awesome gameplay are cool too.

So here’s a great montage of JHZER’s gameplay, edited by Room108.

To round up the gaming videos, here’s GameSprout’s compilation of epic Battlefield 1 moments.

Well, the 8th edition of epic Battlefield 1 moments.

Finally, moving to music as we apparently do sometimes, Linkin Park has come out of hiding and released a single.

It’s pretty good, I think. Maybe not, but maybe it is.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed these awesome viral videos and give us some tips if you see anything awesome out there in the future.


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