KSI Speaks: Thoughts on Motivation

Several KSI members share their thoughts on motivation in KSI.

Motivation is a very important part of any gaming community. Lately, there has been a  lack in motivation and a few leaders have spoken up about what we can do to fix this.

KSI Jak Ripper, 1st Captain of Cruelty, DM, says:

“Have the higher ups show up for more squad and divisional lobbies. Touch base with the people, show them you actually care about the members as people, not just as numbers.”

This is completely accurate and most likely could be said to at least one person in any 7’s staff, however, it does not stop there. Leaders should spread themselves throughout their squads, divisions, the community as a whole.

KSI Axis XIII, 1st Captiain of Titan, DM, says:

“Motivation is an absolute necessity when it comes to the growth and prosperity of a community. It is the driving force of the members of that community and it may come in different forms for everyone.

The best way to improve motivation is the internalization and dissection of the people around you and their goals and what they want their experience to be. Simply asking a member what their goals and wants out of a community are provides a trivial and simple response in most cases but to get the true answer, it takes really getting to know someone and making that connection to be able to observe what their motivation is.

Hence, the best way to boost motivation is stressing the meaning of connecting with members and squad mates on a deeper level of friendship than just someone to fill a game with. Once people make that bond it makes them more attached to the community and promotes a higher motivation for that individual to put more effort and time in than usual.”

KSI MFLSwagg 7, Division Leader of FI, says:

“To improve the community, there are a lot of things to improve such as communication, members’ relationship and mentoring, self examination, and showing members that KSI is so much more that a community, we are a family.

I know that I’m about to go off subject, but that’s how I ended up being successful in my career in KSI. I treated my division as family, guided them, trained them, and was supportive for them not only for KSI issues but personal life issues.

Showing members that you care bout them can go a long way, but just have fun. That is how you improve a community.”

KSI Azrael 7, Senior Director, says:

“Put yourself out there. If you actively motivate people, then others will be motivated. Show the people that you are willing to DO, rather than just say, and it will make a big difference.”

We could all take notes from these inputs. All in all, I believe anyone who voiced their opinion about this would agree that we all need to BE the leaders that we want to see.

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