KSI Productions Team Recruiting

KSI Productions is looking for new members to edit, stream, record and promote the department.

What’s up KSI?

We just wanted to remind you all that our Productions Team is always looking for new talent and folks able to support our twitch and youtube channels.  We’re here to provide original content for our great community and we could always more help to do so.

Here’s a few things that we’re looking for:

  • HD Capture Card – There are thousands of members in KSI and so many folks have awesome content to have recorded and possibly provided to an editor for some sexy re-imagined creation.  Capture cards also allow you to stream and there are tons of opportunities to stream for events such as game nights, Weekend Warfare tournaments and many other events.
  • Editors – We can never have TOO many editors on the team.  If you’re an aspiring editor or happen to be awesome with the tools you have, LET US KNOW and you might get picked up!  We have a great amount of experience and knowledge on the team that can help you grow and produce better quality work.
  • Live Streamers – I won’t mislead you.  We’re a bit picky on who we bring on as streamers.  Video quality is only part of what makes a good streamer, but that’s a start.  If you’re into live streaming game play, or already have a fun twitch channel full of personality and originality, hit us up so we can see!
  • YouTubers – We’re not talking about someone who comes up with content and posts them on youtube.  We’re talking full blown original content overload with personality.  This is a vague description and the term “youtuber” has an array of individuals who could fall into this category.  If you think you fall into this category, lets see that channel of yours!

Once again, the Productions Team is always looking for new talent to join us in showcasing our community and we’re getting better with each passing day doing so.

If you think you can contribute to the team and interested in joining, please drop an application here.

If you’re not looking to join the team but want to support Productions, please LIKE the videos we put so much effort into, SHARE these videos with your squad/division, SUBSCRIBE to the official YouTube channel, and encourage others to do the same.

Your efforts will help us reach more members in our community and further the goal of our service.

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