KSI Member Q&A: KSI Scotland 7

KSI News sits down with KSI Scotland 7 for a quick Q&A session.

Today, we are bringing you a wonderful Q&A session with the ever-so-popular, KSI Scotland 7.

What is your rank in KSI?

Scotland: AAP Department Head, which is the Awards and Achievements program.

Seeing as though you’ve been actively apart of the Web Ops community, how do you like that? How does it differ from Clan Ops?

It’s good. It’s very chill, you do things on your own time. If I’m sitting at work and have a few free minutes, I can hop on and do what I need to. Then I can finish up later that night. It’s more of a “do what you want when you can.” Rather than “Do what is required now.” As a Department Head, we’re advisers to the boards, which is another fun fact most people don’t know.

Would you say you enjoy Clan Ops or Web Ops more?

Depends on what aspect you look at, Web Ops is more convenient. I can do things on my own time, but with Clan Ops, I enjoy the social side of it. With Web Ops there’s less positions than Clan Ops. We don’t have a ton of Co Founders or Founders, we just have our one Department Head and Co-Head, so once you’ve achieved those ranks, it feels good.

What was favorite achieved in KSI? 

In Clan Ops; Co Founder in LS, mainly with the squads and generals I was over, they were such great people and they made it a lot easier. It was fun, it was interesting. I didn’t have to deal with the politics of Co Founder because I had such great people above the ranks. On Web Ops, definitely AAP Co-Head/Head Department. I got to learn so many more small details.

What are your favorite games to play?

Halo: Reach was the big one. I was the last KSI Halo Reach General. Ark: Survival. Anything Halo, to be honest. I just love Halo. You could give me a really shitty Halo game; and I would still love it.

If you had the chance to meet any KSI member, who would it be and why?

KSI Doctor 7; We got quite close when I was on my way out of Clan Ops. We were good friends, and I think it would be fun to hangout. We have quite a few things in common.

If you were an animal, what would you be?

Dog; most likely a German Sheppard. I love dogs, grown up with them my entire life. I would love to receive the kind of affection they did. Free food, free rent, no bills. A good thirteen years, get a needle stuck in you, and go to doggy heaven.

If you had the chance to smash a pie in any KSI member’s face, who would it be and why?

Probably KSI Akame 7, I’ve known him since he joined KSI. We’ve been through a lot together. He’s done a lot of good things, and stupid things, and I think he deserves a pie in the face for all the stupid things he’s done.

If you could go back and tell your past KSI self one thing, what would it be?

Not to question Sinister so much. We argued, and I went to EF. If I stayed in LS, I would be still there. I should’ve listened to him because I thought I knew better when I didn’t.

What do you think dogs dream about?

Running. Lots of running. Chewing on things.

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