Game Review: FIFA 16

KSI News writer KSI Paranoid reviews the newest version of EA’s FIFA series, FIFA 16.

EA Sports gaming really took “Play Beautiful” seriously, mainly for the next generation consoles and PC. Even for last generations, the graphics are more than acceptable.

In the newest FIFA 16, the game features crystal clear graphics, seamless game play, and network servers better than the Black Ops 3 multiplayer servers; what more can you ask for?

First off, this game has the most gorgeous graphics, no doubt surpassing FIFA 15. It almost feels as if you could stay in one place, and literally watch your TV at the main menu screen for hours just to appreciate the crisp visual effects. So much to where even I can easily spend all day on this game, enjoying it with friends and just having a good time.

Furthermore, the sixty FPS creates a smooth, solid piece of game play. That alone can sell someone on which game to pick up from their local game store. Even still, many other factors can play a massive part in deciding which new sports game to pick up.

To some individuals, the FPS is all that makes a game for them. Some will not tolerate anything remotely close to low FPS.

Finally, I hardly know where to begin with the Ultimate Team option. If I could think of one word to describe this feature, it would be “outstanding.” This is by far my most favorite feature among all of the rest.

The amount you are able to customize your team is just the right amount, you are given just enough freedom and options. Honestly if I absolutely had to choose a second favorite, it would be the Co-op Seasons feature.

Essentially the Co-op Seasons gives you the opportunity to play on the team as your friends. Not only that, you play against other players, not just CPU. This element adds a whole new era of fun and opportunity for players, and creates fantastic experiences and allows you to create unique memories between you and your friends that cannot be forgotten.

Clearly, FIFA 16 is one of the better milestones coming from Electronic Arts. I believe that they can only get better realizing what they have done right in this game, and hopefully learn from the mistakes as well. There is always room for improvement regardless the situation.

I give FIFA 16 a thumbs up, and I would like to see better things coming in FIFA 17 along with possibly some reoccurring features that were great from this years version.


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