KSI FuzzyMeep 7’s Spirit Week Message

CEO and Chairman KSI FuzzyMeep 7 has a message for KSI ahead of Spirit Week 2014, which begins tonight.

The following is a message from the CEO and Chairman of KSI, KSI FuzzyMeep 7 in anticipation for Spirit Week 2014, which begins tonight.

What does Spirit Week mean to me?

That seems like a simple question, but as some of you know, no simple question deserves a simple answer.

Spirit Week is like the Olympics to me, bringing the best of the best from each and every area together to see not just who shines the brightest of them all, but to see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses in one show. Some areas may not have the best gamers, but they have the best problem solvers, singers or even the most creative.(Granted, though, we will never do a Minecraft event again — it was way too glitchy).

Point being this is the week that proves exactly how wonderful every single division is in their own and personal ways.

The first year we put on Spirit Week was to prove to the world that we were here; we were loud and proud of everything we accomplished through sudden policy change and grand attitude changes over the previous year. We were trying to be the first to actually put on one of the biggest events that any community had ever done before; we were paving the path that no one had gone down.

Needless to say it was better than we could have expected, but we also found out where we needed help. The week went by and people loved it, but due to under-staffing and poor pre-planning, it took quite the toll on the leaders running it and the divisions that only had a handful of people participating. We had things to change and things to improve, and those changes took effect the next year.

Year two was a personal achievement for myself and the greatest Spirit Week and KSI event we had all been a part of. I had been working roughly 60 hours a week at this point (40-hour night shift, 20-hour day shift, 7 days a week) and I took the week off for the events and the first night — The Pep Rally — was quite possibly the best night of KSI stuff in my life.

The amount of people who showed up was mind boggling.It got to the point where we were gained over 50 followers on Twitch who were simply looking for that KSI soccer guy (I’m still saying he’s a wannabe :tongue:) and they stayed for the show and loved it.

We destroyed the forums that night, shattering every record we held or had held in over 4 years. (Hence the updating we did this year) The overall atmosphere was top notch. This was the night that reset my KSI meter. Because of everything going on, I was burnt out, but the Pep Rally was equivalent to me taking a month break of life and starting up again. That is how pumped I got.

The planning for last year’s edition of Spirit Week started in January after the annual elections and it didn’t stop until the last day of event and it made it all the difference. From the Pep Rally killing it, to Karaoke Night exposing some of our greatest singers and talents in KSI to the Minecraft build-off showing what people can do with just a blank page and a small idea really was mind blowing.

This year is going to be BIGGER, BETTER and WAY MORE INTENSE (in a fun way). The little things we discover yearly that don’t go perfect, we have fixed and we are ready. The only difference between this year and last year (outside of no more Minecraft, ha ha) is that planning for this week started the Sunday after last years event.

We have it down pat and it is gonna rock your socks. So ready up, select your load-out and let’s get ready to rumble!


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