Interacting and engaging in KSI

It’s important to interact and engage in KSI to get the full community feel.

As I reflect my years of high school, I always used to stick around with one particular social group, and when university rolled around and I decided to take up Games Design, I met some people who although had the common ground of also loving games where immensely different to me.

I met some wonderful people and started to realize life is more than just the one set of people you surround yourself with and this transferred over heavily to KSI.

The one thing I love about KSI – and why it has become so dear to me – is that you meet, engage, befriend and game with people from all walks of life across the globe.

When I first joined KSI (and if you know me now it may come as a surprise) I was a very shy person.

Shocking, but not really.

But the point is KSI has become an integral part of my life and so many KSI members have shared the same thing to me. I have made some lifelong friends, who I intend to meet in the flesh and hug tightly, and we have gone through some tough times from deep conversations rolling on to the early  morning to kicking ass in games and having that sense of community.

It is only established when you engage and reflect positivity.

Something reflected in KSI FuzzyMeep 7’s cherished moment where he shared an important moment in his KSI career where he found two loyal and amazing friends through a hardship really puts in perspective how awesome KSI is.

KSI Lily 7 also shared to me how she shares the same feelings of how important KSI and its members mean to her, and it’s always refreshing to hear your stories.

We all have our hardships in life, such as struggling with personal battles, work life, high school or figuring out your purpose on this planet, but KSI is one place where members can come and use as a sense of escapism or just to do what they love. Gaming.

We have a community full of quirky, fun, loving and awesome members and regardless of who we are, how old we are or where we are geographically situated, we have a place where we are instantaneously connected to members who we can game, talk to or learn from.

Recalling back as a corporal and sergeant, I was not as engaged with the community as I am now, and that is purely because I was either unaware or simply too shy to shoot that game invite to other members on my squad tag or friends list.

I often tell members not to feel afraid to invite people from your squad tag, attend other squad/division game nights and sign up on the forums because 100 percent of you are missing out on some best friends you don’t even know exists. It’s just a matter of meeting them.

This not only allows you to expand your social interactions in KSI, but it also keeps you informed, engaged and most importantly enjoying the company of the diverse amount of individuals we have.

The moral of the story is to not be afraid to interact, utilize the resources we have and the squads, divisions and forums we have that enable you to do so much more.

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