Are female streamers showing too much skin?

Do you think female streamers showing skin is OK, or do you think it’s a manipulative way to gain followers?

As we all know, Twitch is a live streaming tool that has become an incredible and powerful tool for gamers to stream themselves or watch other gamers play.

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Recently the topic of female streamers came to a heated debate on whether female streamers are showing too much skin when streaming.

Twitch has a dress code policy. We all know it’s not the site that enforces that, but it’s a place for gamers to showcase themselves or watch others. The question many pose is whether it is OK for female gamers to be wearing revealing clothes.

If a female streamer is simply wearing a tank top and streaming, people need to understand that sometimes making something an issue is unnecessary and need to get over seeing skin. This is not the Victorian Era.

However when streamers are using that as a tool to gain more views and fan base, then we do have an issue as it sets the standard of what other female streamers should be doing.

Comments stating to show more skin or comparisons which make other streamers hold back from doing so are posted and it creates a dangerous dynamic.

What are your thoughts on this?


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was meant to show both sides of the argument and prompt a mature discussion of the subject matter. As the News Team head, I feel it does just that.

After seeing the posts on social media as a reply to this, I sincerely urge all KSI members, and others who peruse our sites, to read the articles that are posted up before replying and assuming.

The title asks a question – of which the answer can be yes, no, or something in between. The article does not answer the question. Only individuals can answer this for themselves.

A community is a place where ideas and beliefs are exchanged, and in my time in charge of the News Team, I have challenged myself and my writers to use this medium to further those discussions and create an open forums for the flow of thoughts and opinions.

The issue in this article has been a central point of national discussion, and I see nothing wrong trying to extend the discussion, that effects many in this community, to this site.

While I respect each and every person’s opinion, I cannot sit by and see one of my authors attacked unfairly by people who don’t actually read what we post.

We take time and put a lot of effort into the pieces we produce, so we ask that you put 5 minutes in to actually read the pieces before opening your mouth, or going crazy on the keyboard, to make baseless accusations and turn our goodhearted attempt to create dialogue and bring you news you care about into a side show of accusations and rude assertions.

Thanks for reading this – if you actually have.


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