Games of Thrones: Season 5

Game of Thrones started its new season last weekend, and we asked what KSI members thought about the show.

Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? We have some exciting news for you. The wait is over. All Xbox Live members in the U.S. were able to watch the Game of Thrones Season 5 premiere for free through April 16.

If that’s not enough, HBO and Xbox have joined forces to bring you a variety of Games of Thrones content for a special experience available from this week when you sign into Xbox Live.

You can preview Season 5 with trailers, pledge your allegiance to a house and behind the scenes content.

We asked some members how excited they are and which house they pledge allegiance to.

KSI Emmmy 7 – Co-founder – Ground Zero

“Stark, any day. Though I prefer the novels, enjoying the fifth one as we speak.”

KSI Havoc 7 – Division Leader – Demonic Mayhem

“Bone Chilling and eye opening.  Targaryen and Tyrell is where I pledge.”

Parable – Corporal – Fear- Demonic Mayhem

“I have been so excited that I got all my friends and family into Game of Thrones. So that should give you some idea of my involvement and I guess house Tyrell because they know their stuff.”

KSI RageFlip – 2nd Captain – Ragnarok – Eternal Souls

“Well I mean Castle Black isn’t a house, but I’m behind Jon Snow and being as he hasn’t been made a Stark yet, it kinda doesn’t work.”

Vee Vee – Graphics Team – Web Ops


KSI Bandit 777 – Founder -Demonic Mayhem

“Targaryen Family. She’s gonna burn ’em to the ground”

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