Weekend Warfare AW Recap

KSI RED EyEss 7 walked away with the victory in last night’s AW Weekend Warfare event.

Last Night’s Weekend Warfare closed with a glorious victory for KSI RED EyEss 7 taking the crown for the Advanced Warfare Free for All on the 360.

KSI RED EyEss 7, who is a General in Ground Zero, talked about his performance.

“Well once Bandit started the match I had a positive attitude and was ready to take this win, so I go in and try my bal, but it’s not working for me so I start to use my ASM1 and I’m doing okay.

So, I was losing, the score was like 15 and I had 10 and I knew I had to do something now or I was gonna lose, so I just played smart, but aggressive, and just kept getting kills and kills till I got the win.

I had 30 and 2nd place had 22. so it was an eight-kill difference and I was so pumped. I couldn’t believe I won because honestly at first I was getting my butt kicked, but I am a comeback kid and I came back and won it!

So just a shout to my squad – Honor – and my division – GZ.

My squad will keep on winning these AW tournaments and we’re getting ready to take Spirit Week champs again too”

KSI Spearmint, who is a sergeant in DM, and Kaotikgamin69, who is a corporal in ES, finished 2nd and 3rd, respectively.

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