Game Review: Child of Light

Child of Light is an elegant and engaging game available with Xbox Live Gold. Check it out!

Child of Light is a RPG game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft. It is aimed at numerous platforms including PlayStation, Xbox and the Wii U. It is currently one of the games offered with Xbox Gold, so grab it for free on the Xbox One.

Ubisoft have achieved something of high value and elegance with Child of Light. It’s a word not often used when describing a video game, but this particular game embodies grace and elegance. From the visual aesthetics, character movement and narrative the game really is something different and sets this game apart from others in the market.

The story revolves around the character Aurora who is trying to save her father.

The story doesn’t follow the traditional sense of storytelling and challenges these roles. This is reflected mostly in Aurora, as she transforms from a frightened child to a hero.

Along the way the player encounters many characters, such as the Jester who doesn’t quite know how to rhyme, Norah the elder sister, Fin and many others who bring their stories into the mix adding dynamic to the story.

The combination of exploration, puzzle solving and its unique combat system sets this game apart and gives it that exciting and enjoyable factor. The game can be described for its simplicity and easy to grasp mechanics. The music and soundtrack complement and enhance the game play and gives you the feel of the mystical and fairy tale feeling.

The combat system is a head turner; it uses a combination of turn based and real time elements.

Icons move along a bar at the bottom of your screen, indicating when you or your opponents can act next. A number of actions can take place during your turn, including attacking, defense and fleeing.

With the progression of the game, the player is rewarded with skill points and is able to unlock more skills allowing them more actions in combat.

The system makes you think ahead. Interruptions on an enemy attacks cancels out their big spells, or sending them back on the timeline whilst dodging the same from enemies creates tension and requires player concentration.


The game also has a secondary character Igniculus who plays a large role in the progression of the game and the combat system. You or a friend (in co-op) can control him; he helps in aiding, healing, grabbing health and manna.

He is controlled by the right thumb stick and is able to grab extra pick-up items, such as gems, or he can solve puzzles and open doors/interactive pathways.

The game also gives you the ability to fly, and once Aurora is given her wings, the player is able to explore and interact with so much more.

With side quests, constant exploration and mini-battles, the games scope increases and adds to the overall experience. The game revolves around a 12 to 13 hour adventure, but leaves the player constantly engaged and wanting to finish the game.


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