Game Review: Boom Beach

Boom Beach is the newest game developed by Super Cell, the makers and developers of Clash of Clans.

“Come with a plan or leave in defeat.”

This quote has been filling the airwaves in commercials on TV, YouTube, Facebook and even as signs on the subways of New York City. But is the game worth a download on your mobile device?

Short answer: ABSOLUTELY.

Boom Beach is the newest game developed by Super Cell, the makers and developers of Clash of Clans.

However, Boom Beach is completely different and, at the same time, kind of similar to Clash of Clans. Just like most games on mobile, you start off as a weak level 1 with a building and a few guys.

But over time you become stronger and the game picks up in speed and intensity. You unlock new islands, units, defense structures and slowly take back the world from the evil Blackguard.

Level 1 Boom Beach Base

The Blackguard is the computer player you fight throughout this island paradise. They are always taking over bases and stealing your diamonds and coins. Your mission is to take back these islands and release the captured islanders.

The more islands you free, the more coins you gain. Coins and diamonds are used to upgrade your base and your units. Every level you move up gives you new cool things to play with. If you are very impatient, you can always buy more diamonds with cold hard real currency.

Unfortunately for you, the Blackguard is not your only threat you have to face in this game.

Other players can also attack your bases and interfere with your missions to fight the Blackguard. There are more than 46,000 downloads every day on average, and the game is currently the No. 5 most downloaded game on Android. You most likely will run into a friend, family member or coworker who devotes many hours to this game.

And one of them may just be that annoying person who won’t let you advance.

Boom beach level 37 base

But it doesn’t stop there.

You can also start a strike force and all your friends can now be on your side, which will allow you to all attack the Blackguard at once. The game allows you to plan together and fight together.Hey look at that it’s like the quote they keep saying, who would have guessed. Once you have a plan you can attack and take down each base one by on

Strike Team attacking together

Every few weeks Super Cell rolls out of tons of new add-ons and units so you never get board of this fast paced game. With more and more people downloading it every day, this game is rapidly becoming the next big deal.

So with all that said are you going to “come with a plan or leave in defeat” ?

Game: Boom Beach Genre: RTS / Turn Based
Device: Mobile Gaming (IOS, Andriod) Available for download on Apple store and play store
Recommend game for mobile Clan / Team Enabled
Player Vs Player Player Vs AI


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