KSI Member Spotlight: KSI Teacher13

Here’s a conversation with KSI Teacher13, a SGT in Anarchy WI.

“Miles to go before I go to sleep”- Jack Frost.

KSI Teacher13 is a SGT in Anarchy WI and that was his favorite quote from a poem by Jack Frost. It surely stands out.

“I don’t want to be given SSGT then hear, ‘Now show me.’ I want to earn SSGT,” Teacher said about becoming a SSGT.

“I gotta make sure you make it home,” Teacher said after worrying about his 3CPT when she had to run out in a tough situation.

KSI Teacher13 is a caring and selfless sergeant. He puts others before himself and many admire him for it. “Are you okay?”, “You sure that’s alright?”.

He’s always concerned and always there.

“I love Nirvana,” Teacher said. “[Kurt Cobain] is a next step up from Ozzy, you can hardly hear Ozzy anymore, Kurt’s just a tad more clear with his words”

Everyone laughed.

“If you let me kill you I won’t come after you”-Teacher said while joking around with another member on GTA V.

His sense of humor is a wonder at times to people but he can sure make anyone laugh.

“Been here since June 18, 2014”

The highest he’s ever been has been a 2LT.

“I had no motivation until I met KSI Axed and KSI xSlipknot1x.”

He has great friends now and is possibly a soon to be SSGT.

“I got you,” Teacher said.

He will always have your back. Feel free to hit him up. He would love to play.

Currently Teacher is in the process of moving across the country from Massachusetts to Arizona.  He’s looking forward to a new start.

But he is also in a squad ready to split. He would enjoy going to the new squad for a clean start as well.

“I want a new start so the new squad may be better for me,” he said.

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