Five Steps to Problem Solving in KSI

Every leader should follow these five steps to effectively deal with problems in KSI.

On a day-to-day basis, we deal with situations and learn problem solving, both within and without KSI.

Every leader I’ve ever met has solved problems differently, with different attitude, different choices of words. Every leader is different.

Here are five steps every KSI leader should do to deal with problems effectively.
1. Always promote in public, demote in private.

Promotions and rewards for hard work should happen in public, during meetings. Speaking enlightening words around other people will motivate those around you and show the individual deserving of praise that you want people to know of their hard work.

When an individual is being punished, being lectured, or getting demoted, it is best to handle these situations away from prying eyes. However, you always need a third, unbiased party. We do not ever want to tarnish the reputation of our squad mates.

2. Have an unbiased party present.

It is important to have an unbiased party no matter how large or small of a situation it is. Both parties should be equally represented as well as aware that a third party is aware and present.

3. Focus on having a clear mind.

When introduced to a problem, always focus on having a clear mind. Situations that may compromise your composure or ability to problem solve should be handled in the future, just as any KSI related problem can be solved.

This does not mean to indefinitely push problems off, it only means to solve the problem when everyone is in a decent state of mind.

4. Always prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Being prepared for every possible outcome to a situation when solving problems is super important. No one wants to demote or punish their fellow members, but when push comes to shove, sometimes we have to.

So, because of this, any time you have to confront a problem, have a Plan A, a Plan B, and a Plan C. These three plans help ensure preparation for the worst possible scenario.

Hopefully, you never use Plan C.

5. Give the opportunity to maintain valor.

Whenever handling any sort of demotion, always offer the opportunity to step down. We always want to preserve the honor of our members and don’t want to tarnish each others’ names. However, if you enter a situation with the mindset of demoting someone, at the end of the party, they no longer maintain their rank.

Not every situation ends negatively and experience varies for every leader. Keep these key points in mind when problem solving.

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