Destiny DLC ‘Rise of Iron’ Announced

Bungie announced a new DLC for Destiny, “Rise of Iron,” which will be available September 20.

In September, Destiny is back with a brand new extension and so are the Lords of Iron.

Iin recent months, Bungie has released multiple content updates such as Crimson Days, a 2 v. 2 elimination game type that lasted a week, the return of Iron Banner, the Sparrow Racing League, Festival of the Lost, and the Eververse Company.

These events followed the last large content update last September, The Taken King. But whereas these events were nice, they are not large enough to keep newer Destiny players interested.

That’s why last week, players rejoiced at Bungie announcing the reveal of “Rise of Iron,” Destiny’s newest expansion.

The newest expansion follows the story of Lord Saladin, which is best known to the most Destiny players as the overseer of the Iron Banner event that happens each month.

It will shine light on his previous experience with the other Iron Lords and how he became such a powerful figure in the tower. Up until now we’ve only heard snippets and history about the Iron Lords through weapon names throughout the event.

However, we never heard who the Iron Lords are, what the Iron Banner was originally, and how it came to be that Lord Saladin was the last.

Building the hype to this new expansion is quite important. As last year with “The Taken King,” the name Oryx was dropped many times throughout the year even in the main campaign.

We even fought his son and defeated him, but by doing that we sent out a message across the stars to Oryx. Because of that, The Taken King arrived to destroy everything in his way to find those who wronged him.

The main enemy of this new campaign will be the Fallen, which you faced in the smaller expansion House of Wolves, where you had to track down school wash and the house of wolves that had escaped from the Prison of Elders.

The House of Devils are upgraded with SIVA, self-replicating nanotechnology locked away centuries ago by the Lords of Iron, which has made them much more powerful then ever before.

The expansion will add a raid and a new area on Earth called the Plaguelands, and it is the first time they are expanding on an existing planet.

The will also be a new social area called Felwinter’s Peak. Interestingly, it’s not just a social space, but also the start of the campaign for Rise of Iron.

Because the outpost has been infested with Fallen, it was taken from the Iron Lords and it must be won back.

Will this expansion increase activity and interest in Destiny?

Destiny’s newest adventure releases  September 20, 2016 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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