Black Ops III DLC Announced

A new bundle of maps is on the way for the Call of Duty squads of KSI. The pack is named “Awakening,” and it arrives March 3.

A new bundle of maps is on the way for the Call of Duty squads of KSI. The pack is named “Awakening,” and it features four new competitive maps and a new zombies experience.

The first map is named Gauntlet. It’s based within a military training compound created to put the soldier into different battle environments such as fighting though streets in a urban environment, battling through a jungle in a humid setting and rushing through a cold and unforgiving battleground. This map is trying to revive the classic gameplay such as cover-to-cover, head-to-head.

The next map is named Splash, which is set in an abandoned water theme park, where parts of the map are connected by water slides and tubes that twist and turn to keep you on your toes for the enemy that could poke around the corner any second, but the slides could create the opportunity for more people to go down certain routes and clash trying to control area’s on the map whether that are above ground or in the water for some underwater combat through the enclosed area’s.

Rise is the third map, and it is a construction site covered with snow within Zurich. This is the type of map that wants you to employ team tactics and cover-to cover-combat.

Black-Ops-3-logo-1036x583This map is focused around three paths from one side to the other; one being very long with a lot of hunting down your enemies and hiding round the corner to sneak attack, as well as wall running opportunity to switch the tide of a losing engagement. A lane that cuts down the middle of the map to a choke point between playing trying to hold it down and take down playing from the other paths converging on there locations.

Last, but not least, there is final path that includes quite a lot of possibilities to go under water and attack an unsuspecting enemy. By the sound of it, this could be a very good map for tournaments.

Finally, there is Skyjacked, which is a up to date version of Hijacked from Black Ops 2. but with some changes. One change is the scenery. Instead of being on a boat on the surface of the sea, you are now thrust up into the clouds on what seems to be a giant police VTOL that patrols the sky for danger.

Another change is a giant gaping hole on the right side of the ship that you can wall run to and select which deck to jump to. But to those who got to play Hijacked, this will be a revival of a fan favorite.

The Zombies map is called Der Eisendrache, which translates to “The Iron Dragon.” It will kick off the zombie story within Black Ops III,

The map is based in a castle that has been host to a number of experiments and atrocity’s over the centuries, the site then brings it home by containing large deposits of Element 115. They will also be introducing four new mega gum-balls into the game at the same time for zombies .

The release date for Xbox has been announced as March 3, 2016.


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