‘Battlefield One’ Open Beta Review

KSI Bearded 7 gives us his take on the now-closed beta for the upcoming ‘Battlefield One.’

The moment we have all been waiting for is upon us. Finally someone has decided to go back to World War One for a first person shooter. Complete with biplanes and early model tanks Battlefield One has captured the essence of trench warfare.

The beta has a few glitches and bugs, but that is to be expected. If you get past the bugs and play a few games the true potential of this game is obvious. With authentic weapons and vehicles from World War One, Battlefield One makes for a very different experience.

The effort to detail is obvious the first time you load up the beta, when you spawn into a old biplane and are thrown into one of the dynamic sandstorms. Trying to fly without seeing two feet in front of you is difficult enough, add in anti air guns with flak cannons and enemy fighters and you are in for one hell of a scary ride.

With the choice of three types of planes to pick, it all depends on your preference. Take the bomber and bring the rain from high altitude, or two types of fighter planes made for dogfights. The Red Baron would be proud with what EA has done for air combat.

If planes aren’t your thing, perhaps spawn into an early model tank, quite literally a rolling armored box with cannons and turrets on each side.  It might not be pretty, but highly effective against ground troops and mounted soldiers. Also with multiple choices you may select a light tank meant for speed, or a heavy tank meant to absorb damage.

Battlefield One has something for everyone, including if you want to ride into battle on your trusty steed with a hip fired rifle, or sword for close combat.

Sixty four people in one game makes for an all out war and chaos, but with the right team and communication it can be tactical and extremely squad friendly. With the many classes to choose from each person can choose what role they would like to play, wether it be a medic or a long range sniper.

Should the worst happen and your team is losing the fight, there is a losing streak called the behemoth. The behemoth is exactly what it sounds like, heavy armor, machine gun turrets, and cannons on each section. If you see the behemoth rolling down the train tracks you had better run for cover. The behemoth train leaves no survivors in it’s path, and is very hard to kill. This train is awarded to the team losing the good fight, it makes for a more even and balanced battle for victory.

Overall Battlefield One looks to be the shooter we all hope it will be. Even in just the beta the graphics and gameplay far outweigh the competition. I would rate the Beta at 8 out of 10 stars, leaving two for the bugs. If the problems are fixed there is no reason Battlefield One can’t be game of the year. Alas we won’t see the final product until released later this year, but this beta has given us a taste of what is to come.

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