Announcing: KSI Spirit Week 2017

KSI Spirit Week 2017 will be June 21-25, 2017! Get the scoop on the schedule and other details here.

As all of you should know, Spirit Week is right around the corner. Obviously, this is the best time to show you spirit for KSI by competing in events!

Spirit Week will kick-off Wednesday, June 21, and end on Sunday, June 25.

Here is a list of all the events that will be hosted:

June 21 – Opening Night

  • Forums Challenge
  • 7’s Poker Night, 1 Rep Per Division

June 22

  • Xbox One – Destiny
  • Xbox 360 – Halo Reach (Multi Team)

June 23

  • Xbox One/360/Skype – Karaoke (2 per div, 45 second cap)
  • Xbox One – Rocket League 2 v. 2

June 24

  • Xbox One – Halo 5
  • Xbox 360 – Call of Duty: Black ops 2
  • Xbox 360 – Black Ops 2 7’s Party Game

June 25 – Closing Ceremony

  • King and Queen
  • Directors Cup Champion
  • Hall of Fame Induction(s)

Prizes will be given to the winners, in addition to points for their division!

There will also be a community-wide vote for the winner of the Upload Studio Montage Competition that’s been running since January. The winner of that vote will receive a prize and points for his/her division.

Social Media

On social media, follow our Twitter @KSIGlobalGaming and Facebook @KSIGlobalOfficial.

The official hashtags of the event are #KSI and #SpiritWeek. Points can be awarded for social media activity, and as we saw last year, it can have a huge effect on the final standings!


KSI’s departments will be playing a large role in the event!

News will be covering events and doing recaps for each day, including interviews with participants, winners, and observers.

T&E will be hosting the events and making sure they go off without a glitch.

Graphics will be completing new images for our social media branding as well as the forums participation award.

Productions will be streaming events on KSILive and KSILive2, a new addition to our streaming line-up, so members of KSI can watch both events each day at the same time!

Directors’ Cup

For the first time in Spirit Week history, we are implementing the Directors’ Cup! Each Director’s divisions finish in the final standings will be averaged out, and the Director whose divisions had the best average place wins the Directors’ Cup, along with their respective divisions!


If you see a game you want to compete in or an event you would like to be a part of, sign up! Leaders definitely notice people, especially during Spirit Week.

Please help us get the word out, get participation, appreciate the people hosting and planning these events. Tell everyone about it. If they have heard you tell them before, tell them again.

This is the most exciting week to be a part of KSI. The spirit is real.

Get excited, and see you all there!

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