KSI History: KSI Bushy 7

KSI Bushy 7, previous DM Co-Founder, shares his history and learning experiences.

Joining KSI

My 1st year began in February 2016. I was recruited into GZ, into a squad called Pride, which was mostly a European division. KSI is my first gaming community, and I was fortunate enough to make some amazing friends. Some have left, yet some I still talk to regularly. Unfortunately, the division liquidated and I was transferred to Demonic Mayhem into a squad called Lethal.


In Lethal, I made some incredible friends. I would someday hope to meet these friends in person. These people, and they know who they are, have helped me through some of the toughest and roughest  times in my life. I began my time as an officer with KSI W1CKED 7, who unofficially mentored me – although he doesn’t know it yet – and KSI Elkram 7. These two mentors were me rocks. They will never fully understand just how much they helped and encouraged me, especially during my early days of KSI.


Eventually, we grew Lethal to 100 members and inevitably, we had to split the squad. At that time, I was 1st captain, meaning that I was the next eligible general of the squad. We split and I became the very first general of Cruelty.

To begin with, the split wasn’t exactly as smooth as it should have been. The people that came over with me were the wrong people, and for the longest time, myself and my officers were literally breaking our backs to make something of our squad. Whether it was hosting game nights at different times of the day or making the squad gametype-less to more accommodate the wider masses, we worked to succeed. This was by far the biggest challenge I had ever faced, not just in KSI but in my personal life.

I had to make some very difficult decisions to make the squad feel like a community, which is not something that happens over night. There is definitely a piece of myself in that squad. I was so determined to make a success of it, I would pull all nighters just to make sure game nights were happening and training was being carried out. This experience paved the way for an incredible team of officers who are currently performing with incredible efficiency and are a credit to themselves as well as KSI.


My time as Co-founder was short, in all honesty. I had a lot of fun and met some great people. However, I began turning my console on and not playing anything for a few hours, due to the responsibilities that came along. It’s just not for me. I have great memories of my journey in KSI and some I would like to forget. However, I’m a better person for it now than I was a year ago. I am a stronger leader and a stronger person because of my perseverance.

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