KSI Member Spotlight: Ascend 7

KSI Ascend 7 shares some of his history and a few pieces of advice for up-and-coming leaders of KSI.

Leaders with in KSI are something the many take for granted. Some don’t see leaders as anything more than higher ranks. Higher ranks are often treated differently than lower ranks. Here and now, you will read about my interview with KSI Ascend 7; a member, a mentor, a leader and a true to the bone strong KSI leader.

Like every member in KSI, we all have stories, memories, and general history in KSI. So why not start off with how this great member came to be the leader he is today.

In the beginning, Ascend didn’t want to join a community. However, he did really want that sec-say red tag on Call of Duty Ghosts. The original KSI connection came when he bumped into KSI Green 7 formerly know as KSI Gr33nBarr3t. Not long after, Ascend was a part of KSI and changing his name to represent this community.

“Green really has tricked me into recruiting. I wasn’t really into it at the time, just wanted more people to play with. Green was aware that I was competitive and would joke with me saying ‘Bet you can’t get 2 recruits.’”.

Ascend would come back 3 recruits later and then was surprised by being promoted to SSGT days later. It was really that moment that had kickstarted ascends devotion to KSI.

“I knew I would get this far and am hoping I can make it a little further before my time runs out,” Ascend said, after he learned the ropes of being an officer. Just like everyone in KSI he has had obstacles to overcome. The biggest obstacle would have to have been finding the balance between the online and real life. Ascend has offered a suggestion to help us find balance, by making a schedule and training officers to handle issues that arise so time can be spent with family.

Another thing that keeps Ascend going, maybe even other leaders as well, is positive change; to keep things moving forward no matter how fads or slow the pace may be. “Change is progress even though it might not always seem positive at the time.” Change is something we need to keep in mind, that things move at different paces. Just keep a positive attitude and things will work. We also need to know the difference between good intentions and those being selfish. Not everyone wants there to be change or sees the good in something new. Change is something that should be motivational in both KSI and in Life.

A few more words of advice from a great leader include everyone within the community. No matter what rank you are, having a mentor in the community is great. Take time and learn from them, take the time and ask questions to better yourself and the community. Don’t try to be the same leader as someone else be who you are. The most important thing to remember is “at the end of the day, being here should be fun.”  Our leaders and our members make up the community and we should connect with everyone regardless of rank. As you never know who your going to learn something from or who is going to be the next influence on members.

Thank you to Ascend for your time, please continue to be an inspirational, dedicated and hard working leader.

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