Mon. Jan 17th, 2022

AAP: ‘OTM’ July 2017 Winners

The AAP is proud to present the a??OTMa?? winners of July 2017!

The AAP is proud to present the ‘OTM’ winners of July 2017! Please make sure to congratulate each winner for the recognition of their hard work!

Senior Leader – KSI MpliersA?7

DirectorA?- KSI Metatron 7

Division Leader – KSI KiLLER 7

Co-Division Leader – KSI Hooters 7

FounderA?- KSI Gambit 7

Co-Founder – KSI BadKitty 7

General – KSI Joe

Captain – KSI Airborne 7

LieutenantA?- KSI Lightspeed

Member – KSI FluffyPuppr

Productions – KSI Shadowfoxx

Congratulations to the winners of July’s OTM awards, and a huge shoutout to every member who was nominated, or submitted a nomination. Thank you.

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