So You Think You Can Write: “Goals and Dreams” 1st Runner Up

KSIDarkxAngel 7, one of the runners’ up, explains her goals and dreams, as well as her memories and inspirations.

So You Think You Can Write Introduction

As some of you may know, the KSI News Team is doing a monthly writing contest for our fellow members! Not only is it fun, but the members get to show everyone their talents and such. Our first trial of this was the topic on the forums called Goals and Dreams.

In this topic members were asked to write about their goals and dreams in KSI and/or their real life. We had quite a few replies and all of them were inspirational. But we could only choose our top three. KSIDarkxAngel7 happened to be our third pick.

KSIDarkxAngel 7’s History and Background

A little background in case you don’t know her, KSIDarkxAngel7 was recruited into KSI on June 10th, 2014 by KSI Panzer. She has stayed in KSI for a consecutive 3 years. She is a great leader and a very supporting person to those who need a shoulder to cry on, or an ear to listen.

Throughout her time in KSI three people have helped her and inspired her through tough times. When asked who her mentors were, she replied without hesitation, “I would honestly have to say KSI True7, KSI Mpliers 7, and KSI xTheKing 7.”

Recently, KSIDarkxAngel 7 helped create the new division, Crimson Dawn. Dark commented that this was one of her greatest achievements to this day, “not a lot of people can say they helped create a division.” Although it was one of her greatest achievements, it wasn’t the easiest thing to accomplish. There were quite a few bumps in her path but working together with her fellow members and hard work and dedication they accomplished their goal.

More Goals and Dreams for KSI

KSI wide, KSIDarkxAngel 7 would like to see more activity on the forums. “It’s pretty weird how many people don’t know what they are,” she stated.

Along with that goal she also wants to see fellow members support one another. “Like if they don’t have a place to go, they can have someone here,” she explains.

In her story, KSIDarkxAngel 7 shared a lot of her hardships she had experienced, and described how those within the KSI community helped her get where she is today. KSIDarkxAngel 7 also hopes to cut down on the drama, “not having so much drama would definitely be awesome.”

KSIDarkxAngel 7’s Favorite Memory

Even though there have been struggles for KSIDarkxAngel 7, there are also ton of memories that she could say were the best. She even had a difficult time picking her favorite memory within KSI, explaining that there were too many to pick from!

Finally describing one, she picked the time here she transferred from Menace to Titan, “there’s one when I transferred from Menace to Titan and we built up the squad and it was family. We were all there for each other. It’s hard to make a close tight knit family who will be there when you need them.”


During this So You Think You Can Write competition, KSI Dragons 7 took first place, winning $15 and the Write Right award on the forums.

KSI HHooters 7 and KSIDarkxAngel 7 took the second and third place trophies, each winning $10 and the Write Right award.

The next competition, which is already posted on the forums, is a poetry competition. Submit poems or raps about KSI for a chance at a new award as well as a cash prize.

Follow this link to do so:


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