Wed. Oct 5th, 2022

AAP February OTM Winners!

The AAP is proud to present the February “Of The Month” winners!

The AAP is proud to present the February “Of The Month” winners!

KSI Havoc 7Senior Leader.
For his constant help and socialising with all members.

KSI Lafayette 7Director.
For his dedication to the community and mentoring of members coming to him.

KSI Collector 7Division Leader.
For his leadership skills, and focus on a respectful environment for everyone in his division.

KSI Ashhh 7 Co-division Leader.
For her positivity, activity and assistance touching both those above her and the members shea??s in charge of.

KSI Terrors 7 Founder.
For his hands on approach and his help to grow both members, his squad and his division as a whole.

KSI FithAce 7Co-founder.
For his efforts, his dedication and his influence on his members, exemplifying the values of KSI.

KSI AtomicKwonGeneral.
For stepping in some big shoes and more than filling them, and rallying a squad during a divisional split.

KSI ChiefZay25Captain.
For his skills, dedication and knowledge, and a great role model for his squad.

KSI xRisingTiedLieutenant.
For his activity, for his influence on younger members and the heart he puts into everything he does.

KSI LuciLux 7Forums staff.
For his efforts during the forums outages, and his proactive work to make a future outage easier to handle.

For being an inspiration to her squad as well as the rest of the community; for her activity, her help and her positive mentality.

The AAP Department congratulates the winners, as well as all who were nominated, keep up the great work and keep striving to improve! We also thank everyone who participated in the nomination process and hope to see you all when ita??s time for the next round of awards.

KSI Scotland 7 and KSI Emmmy 7

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