7’s Spotlight: KSI HAVOC 7

KSIxRaziel interviewed our latest 7’s Spotlight winner – KSI HAVOC 7. Check it out here!

Co-Division Leader And Department Head

KSI HAVOC 7 worked to become a 7 because he wanted to do more for his members. The process also allowed him to come out of his shell more and find his own voice as he progressed through the chain of command. He is currently the Co-Division Leader of Divine Warriors.

HAVOC is also the Head of Performance Operations. He was promoted to CPO (Chief Performance Officer) back in 2016 but unfortunately had to step away from KSI shortly afterwards. When he rejoined in early 2018, Performance Operations was its own department. He became involved again and has been there ever since.

His favorite part about being a Co-Div leader and Head of Performance Operations is that he gets to interact with all his members in unique and amazing ways. Being able to make meaningful decisions is important to him as well. HAVOC said his biggest challenge is that he never seems to have enough time to accomplish all the things he wants. He just has too many ideas.

He considers his work in DW to be his biggest accomplishment. It is now the largest division in KSI, has the most “division of the month” awards, and now has a full 7’s staff. His two main future goals are to split DW and also see Performance Operations flourish.

HAVOC’s biggest influences in KSI have been:

  • KSI Greg 7 – his original Div Leader and the member who taught him Knowledge
  • KSI Jupiter 7 – his previous Co-Founder and the member who taught him Integrity
  • KSI L10N – his former General and the member who taught him Strength

Words From A Fellow Member

“Havoc goes out of the way to make sure he sets aside time for everyone he can. He does his best to be available for members no matter the circumstance. He is there for everyone and he also makes this known by reminding us why he does what he does. Havoc goes out of his way to learn more about members and tries his best to create free time for gaming. Havoc also deals with a lot of conflict in his position. Not only within his squad but throughout KSI because he is part of HR. He gracefully handles issues while still being able to diffuse the toughest of situations.” – KSI Harmony 7

Fun Facts About KSI HAVOC 7

  • First console was Saga Genesis
  • Favorite game of all time is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
  • Nicknames are Havier, Havico and “Daddy”
  • Wants to switch places with KSI VeRiiTaS 7 for a day so he could wear his “Gucci” shoes

HAVOC told me that winning a 7’s Spotlight Award means a lot to him and it feels good to be appreciated. I personally believe that KSI HAVOC 7 has done much for this community and will continue to do so in the future.

The next Member & 7’s Spotlights will open in October! Keep an eye out in the AAP section!

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