KSI Speaks: What is your favorite animal?

KSI FadeZ 7 gives us the low-down on what our favorite animals are!

The Topic

Well folks, this is the start of a monthly chain you’ll be seeing come your way from the News Team. We want to get you all more involved! If you don’t know what “KSI Speaks” is, here’s the gist: essentially, we go around and ask our members a question ranging from fun and wacky to stern and serious. We record your feedback and post it in an article. Last month the question was “What is your favorite animal and why?”. This is what the people had to say:

The Opinions


“A lion because it describes having a heart of life.”

KSI BadKitty 7

“My favorite animal would have to be a lioness. Not only are they very protective of their cubs but they are also strong hunters for their pride. It’s a great mix between being maternal and fierce.”

KSI Nebula 7

“My Favorite animal is a dog (Breed Pitbull). They are man’s best friend, there’s countless story’s about how they save lives or help with depression, and they’ve helped me a lot in life. Dogs are animals that can be there for you even if nobody will. Dogs don’t care about what you look like, how you talk – they love you for you. (And your treats)
A dog will always been a animal that supports you, helps with anxiety, depression, mental health, etc. And they even give you kisses.”

KSI ApolloBelow

“A penguin…because they waddle…like me…joy. Just kidding! They are stinking cute!”

KSI Majesty

“Horse. Horses are beautiful strong and super smart.”

Skimmy Style

“My favorite animal is a penguin. I think they are very cute. They are always dressed formal. Also I love the way they waddle. Plus it’s kinda sweet that they mate for life and that they give there mate a pebble it’s kind of like a wedding ring.”

KSI Tobias 7

“Ravens because they’re intelligent creatures with amazing personalities.”

KSI GreendayFox

“A Fox is my favorite animal because a fox is a smart, cunning, and beautiful animal. They are a perfect mix between a dog’s love and affection and playfulness but is as fluffy and cuddly as a cat. Foxes spoke to me as my kind of animal because I always thought they were elegant and used a lot in myths and legends like the Nine Tailed Fox. They are considered powerful and special in Japanese Culture so I aspire to be as strong and as smart as a fox. I’d like to think I am doing well on meeting that goal.”

KSI FuzzyMeep 7

“Not sure why I felt like this was such a difficult decision but I’ve come to the conclusion that the only answer could possibly be dogs. Very specifically my dog named Tucker. He is a German Shepherd purebred, roughly 95 lb. His hobbies include swimming in the pool, barking at things in the middle of the night due to fear and anxiety, eating food off the kitchen table while knowing he should not be. Asking for forgiveness over permission and basically being the honey badger of animals. Not giving a crap. He is extremely spoiled, has over 10 different toys but only wants to play with one at a time. If you try to throw the toy he does not care for at the moment he will make noises and give you dirty looks. He has three beds throughout the house yet still chooses to fall asleep on human’ beds and then snarl when you try to move him because he is not a morning person. He is simply my favorite because he is a free spirit.”

KSI Trendies 7

“I’d have to say a cat because they’re laid back, low maintenance and always keep themselves clean. They also don’t expect much – just some petting, food and a clean litter box. They are always there to comfort you no matter the day you’ve had.”


This month we had some awesome input from the members throughout our community. For me personally, my favorite animal is a close tie between my dog and a penguin. (Because I mean, who doesn’t love those little waddles ?) And the excitement from my dog as she dives into my arms when I come home from work is just uplifting. I truly can’t pick. Thank you everyone for your participation and we look forward to what you all want to share next month.

If you’d like to see what your peers have to say about other topics like this or if you want to get involved yourself, drop by the News Section on the forums or contact a News Writer with your ideas or questions!

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