Why your division will win Spirit Week

With a week until the much-anticipated KSI Spirit Week, I thought I would sit down and go over both serious, and ridiculous, reasons why each division should have a legitimate chance to walk away from Spirit Week with the crown.

With a week until the much-anticipated KSI Spirit Week, I thought I would sit down and go over both serious, and ridiculous, reasons why each division should have a legitimate chance to walk away from Spirit Week with the crown.

Last Strike: First off, KSI Sinister 7 is in leading LS into battle this year. It’s hard for me to think of KSI Spirit without including Sinister somewhere high up on the list. Add in the fact that this is KSI’s oldest surviving division, there should be more than enough motivation to go out and show the new kids on the block how it’s done.

Twisted Warfare: Ahh. As if TW’s leader, KSI Pinky 7, is anything different from Sinister. She is motivated and pumped to have her 300+ members to go out and put on a show. TW is always near the top of the Spirit Week standings, and with the word ‘Warfare’ in their name, they should be ready for a battle.

Demonic Mayhem: The winner for KSI’s annual smallest, but motivated, division has grown up this past year. No longer is DM the small kid on the block. Instead, they’re a power more than 450 members. If the past two years are any indication, the added numbers will only make DM a fiercer competitor.

Dark Legions: Better watch out for this division. They’re packin’. DL might as well be named “KSI South”. Led by KSI Southern 7, it seems like every member in the successful division is south of the Mason-Dixon Line, so that can mean only one thing. Well, yeah, they like their football, but they also know how to use their weapons. Don’t tread on DL.

Ground Zero: One of the last bastions of KSI’s Halo stronghold, KSI Oni 7 is rebuilding GZ. This division is defending their Spirit Week Championship from 2013 and many of those same members return to this year’s competition. With squad names such as Unity, Courage and Hope, GZ holds KSI’s core beliefs close to their hearts and won’t be a push over.

Divine Reign: A little divine intervention will only make DR’s chances stronger. Exodus is back with his band of DR warriors and they’re ready to show KSI what is what. They’re ready to Sacrifice to win. Another batch of strong squad names with a look to the big man above, and this division is looking ready.

Wicked Intent: Hoping to win Spirit Week.

Forced Induction: FI will be burning around the track. Too bad there’s no racing as part of Spirit Week. These car nuts are ready to shift into overdrive and pass the competition. Also, KSI Acidvapor 7 will be gettin’ the vapors after a Spirit Week Championship.

Covert Ops: Quietly lurking, CO is ready to jump out and surprise you. This division hasn’t gone away and its members are ready to show KSI what spirit they have.

Explosive Ordnance: KSI The Light 7 is leading his troops into their 2nd Spirit Week. The division’s solidarity is there and they’re ready to explode for a surprise Spirit Week victory.

Harmonic Destruction: We know they can recruit. We know they got good games. We know they always show up. HD with its 34002024 members will be loud and proud all week. They’re ready to destroy, but there will be a certain zen-like quality to the destruction.

Forgotten Gods: Forget them? We hardly knew them. Kidding. FG has the power of the Heavens in their back pocket. Beware of the Kraken. These old Gods will rise and make you all remember the power they hold.

Immortal Outlaws: You can’t kill that which is already dead. That’s why, if you want to beat IO, you must remove the head or damage the brain. Oh, and their outlaws, So, like, zombies with guns, I guess. Or Captain Jack Harkness. Either way, zombies with guns are a dangerous combination.

Eternal Souls: Ahhh, ES. These souls will live on forever, so backing away from a challenge won’t be their prerogative. They recently split into LW, but their fighting spirit is still well and alive.

Elite Forces: Seal Team Six, I guess. Good thing Osama bin Laden isn’t in KSI. Elite Forces, being KSI’s Xbox One Division, is sure to show their support and show everyone what a huge success they have been and will continue to be.

Legendary Warriors: KSI’s newest division. These warriors will have to earn the prestige of winning Spirit Week just weeks after creating their own division. There’s no doubt that their legend will precede them and give us all a glimpse at their future success.

So there you have it, KSI. Each and every division has a great chance to walk away with the Spirit Week Championship. Big or small, young or old. Every division has their pride on the line and I don’t know about you, but the next week can’t go fast enough. I’m ready to settle this debate once for all. What is KSI’s best division and why will that division win?

For the updated Spirit Week Schedule, please follow this link.

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