Weekend Warfare: Prominence Poker – 6/9/18

Check out Kamikaze’s recap of last week’s Prominence Poker Weekend Warfare!

Prominence Poker

This past week’s Weekend Warfare was played on Prominence Poker – hosted by KSI Harmony 7, KSI Galahad and KSI Gambit 7. Huge shout-out to all the members of T&E who came out and made this event a success.

KSI Galahad from Productions was responsible for streaming the event. Click here for the Event Highlights!

The T&E staff remind you to always follow the KSI code of conduct when participating in these events. Failing to do so could result in disqualification.

The Winners Circle

KSI ChocStarFsh from Forced Induction came in third place. KSI JackOrpheus gave it his all and ended up securing second place after KSI AllStarRM17 took the lead. All three of these members earned extra participation points for their divisions. Great job guys!

First Place

KSI AllStarRM17 – Crimson Dawn

Second Place

KSI JackOrpheus – Dark Legions


We had 30 members participate in Weekend Warfare. Thank you to everybody who came out this week and represented their Division.

We hope to see all of you next week for Halo 5 Grifball!

Weekend Warfare – Halo 5 (6/16/18)

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