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Valentine’s Day Shout Outs – Part 3

The third and final part in the article series highlighting the Valentine’s Day Shout Outs. Come read about these great members and some of the things shared about them.

Valentine’s Day Shout Outs

Welcome to Part 3 of the Valentine’s Day Shout Out article. These pieces have highlighted members that had peers share some much deserved recognition. The shout out period was open immediately prior to and during the Cupid’s Clash annual event. Following is the final portion of the list. Let’s see what kinds of amazing comments were made about your fellow members. If you have missed either of the first 2 parts, the links are below as well.

Part 1 –

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  • KSI Spvrkle – I think this one of my best friends ever! She means so much to me. She has been a big part of my life and KSI as well she stays active with everyone and tries her best to be apart of every event that KSI has to offer…she an amazing woman and beautiful soul.. // She’s just been a really good friend of mine since I’ve joined KSI and has helped me make a lot of friends within ksi.
  • KSI Squeek – Has been a big help and stepped up when asked to help the Division. Just wants to say thank you. // Squeek is one of the most dedicated officers I have seen in KSI. Even though she is struggling in her life she stepped back up as an officer to help a squad and div that needed her. Squeek you are the best!//
  • KSI Starset 7 – Starset, thanks for all that you do. // You are doing a great job me, keep pushing towards greatness. Mamba Mentality.
  • KSI TayTay 77 – He has so much knowledge and such a big heart this man has been my rock at times of need and is always willing to help anyone any way he can. // What can I say about this guy to make his day even better. He’s one of the best individual I have ever met in KSI. He’s hard working and has a very big heart. Very out spoken and always says what’s in heart and mind. He’s done so much for VANQUISH WD and putting us back the map. He’s a friend, a squad mate and a brother. One love always
  • KSI TexAngel 7 – No matter the situation at hand, Tex is always trying her hardest to make things work. Managing your personal and gaming life is a hard thing to do, factor in being a Leader in both Clan and Dept ops, and it’s a struggle, but she still does it and very well to boot! Tex has always been a good friend, and I feel like she goes above and beyond to continue to help maintain the integrity of KSI. She’s the bomb diggity woot woot!!! LOVE YOU LADY!
  • KSI TRASHCUS – My best CPT. A pain in the ass, but I love this guy.
  • KSI TyraTreXxuS – Love you girl! Keep being awesome! You rock 🙂
  • KSI Uppish – No matter how much you correct my spelling, my english and we tease each other you are still an amazing Gen and someone I am proud to say that I know! // I heart Uppish.
  • KSI xBrownie – He is an amazing person always there for ppl
  • KSI xFondu – Happy Valentines day <3
  • KSI xHoots – Thanks for helping fires recruit me
  • KSI xKamikaze – Thank you Kam for being so awesome!! Helping me when ever I needed the help! You’re one cool dude 😎 // Just wanted to shout him out due to the warm welcome he gave me when I joined. He’s a great guy, and he works very hard for KSI, so he deserves all the love he gets. Happy shout out to Kamikaze, you deserve it.
  • KSI xKing 77 – Praise be to the man the myth legend // A cool Director // You know we gotta shout out the business partner/join area GOAT // Happy Valentines day too the best Person out there <3 // HEY DAD!
  • KSI xRogue 77 – A beautiful co-fo // I wanna thank you for all the love and support throughout my time in KSI and even though I give you a lot of nonsense (even though you deserve it lol) I appreciate you 🙏❤️🌹// You are awesome // She’s been really nice to me and helping me since day one
  • KSI xRonin4896x – Best supportive and helpful gamer.
  • KSI xShooter – Shooter is a nice caring person // As much as he doubts himself, shooter is a great leader and an even better friend
  • KSI xTiger 77 – A lovely div leader // KSI xTiger 77 is always on top of her game with her rank. Always a kind person and always joking around. // Thank You for always being there when needed!! // She’s been like a mom to all of us and she deserves this from everyone.
  • KSIDntAskImAwfl – Thank you for everything you have done for myself and the community!!!! 🙂
  • KSIxMissVixen – Welcome back to KSI!
  • KSIxRomeo 7 – Zombies are dead, their blood is blue. Everyone knows Destiny is too. // Near, far, wherever you are. I believe that the heart does go on. Once more you open the door and you’re here in my heart and my heart will go on and on
  • KSIxRonl66x7 – Your are a amazing
  • KSIxSWAG#3760 – Even though I pick on you a bit it’s cause I love ya Tiny Tim🌹.
  • Misfit91x – We miss you on game nights, you where always kind to everyone <3
  • Ravenvampira – Thanks for being an awesome friend as well as getting me hooked up with KSI. I look forward to our future gaming adventures and the adventures I would have with KSI and specifically cyanide squad.
  • Sins – Even though you won’t give me cuddles in our DMs you are still a great friend, artist, and teacher. Stay awesome forever <3
  • SPARTAN MAN1911 – You rock! // Here’s to you Spartan, one of the best people I know. Happy Valentines Day my friend. Harley
  • Tuor Hador – One of the best guys I’ve met since I’ve been here. When in Germany, do as the Germans do.

Another awesome list of members, and great things that were said about them. I truly have enjoyed getting to see how some of our members feel about others.

I’d like to take this time to thank everyone who participated in giving out some recognition. I’m sure those that were shouted out are grateful for your words as well. I hope to see this again next year, and maybe there will be enough Valentine’s Day Shout Outs to take us to a 5 part article then.

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