Sun. Apr 2nd, 2023

Valentine’s Day Shout Outs – Part 1

This is part 1 of an article highlighting the amazing members that were recognized during the Valentine’s Day Shout Outs. Come check it out!

Along with the inaugural KSI Cupid’s Clash event, we tried some new and exciting things this past week! One of those things was to open up the Valentine’s Day Shout Outs.

This meant that each member had an opportunity to have 2 of their fellow members recognized and awarded the “Someone Loves me” forum award. We had members recognized for many reasons ranging from, “They are my best friend” to, “This guy is a beast at all he does.” I will be breaking this up into a multiple part article to keep things from rambling. Without further ado, here are some of recognized members and some of the statements regarding them.

  • Bio Zhi – As long as I back pack him in S&D, he can hard carry me in Gunfight anytime. It’s magic whenever we’re together.
  • Iamthemachine98 – Big shoutout to this member! I am the machine has done an excellent job acquainting himself with other members and is overall just a fun guy to talk to.
  • KSI Airborne 7 – Airborne! Supporter of growth and prosperity! He is a friend to many, and mentor to more. Thank you for all the work you have contributed to KSI to date, and thank you in advance for all the work and effort you are going to put in, in the future!
  • KSI AtomXGen
  • KSI bankable – Huh……Discord Squad Loves You!
  • KSI Barb130 – She is an amazing leader and continues to grow her knowledge.
  • KSI Bison – Big shout out to my boi KSI Bison. He is a amazing leader and friend always doing whats best.
  • KSI BlazeCoMay – Awesome person to hang out and such good friend, makes sure people feel welcomed in ksi
  • KSI Bmack42 – SMOOCHIE SMOOCHIE! Love ya brother, I’m glad you are in KSI with me man.
  • KSI Boootz – Herea??s to you Boootz my wonderful daughter. I love ya, Mama Harley
  • KSI Cabva – This guy right here is the bombdiggity // You’ve been my best friend since our old days of brutal, and I’m so happy to have you back in my life. Who would have guessed that we would see each other again in our current Div. I honestly didn’t think I’d see you after everything that I’ve been through. Thank you for being there for me, and being part of my KSI Family. <3 You’re amazing. // youa??re great
  • KSI Codyo 7 – Great guy overall great friend and just a great person I’m glad to call him a friend
  • KSI Coin – Happy Valentines Day, from your mom <3
  • KSI CrazyBear52 – You are my best friend and I love you mister
  • KSI DarkAngel 7 – Had to shout you out old friend
  • KSI DCrunk – Keep working hard and remember to take your time!! Good things are just around the corner
  • KSI DK 7 – Dragons is a friggina?? homie. Always there, ready to lend a hand. An awesome dude who I can bounce ideas anytime, and get good feedback with helpful notes and thoughts. Thank you Dragons
  • KSI Drizzle – Mario is red, sonic is blue. Will you be my player number two?
  • KSI DropShot 7 – You’re toxic. But for real. I’m proud of everything you do!
  • KSI DrPepper – Thank you for being an awesome friend and someone I can trust.
  • KSI EzeD24 – Ita??s your beard Easy, I just cana??t get enough of it d???
  • KSI Gambit 7 – Shout out to the best mans to go ‘splorin with
  • KSI Grifful 7 – Grifful works his butt off leading SL. This man lives, breathes and bleeds when it comes to SL’s success. I <3 Griffy poo // Shoutout to this man. Hea??s doing a great job leading SL and thoroughly cares for each of its members. // HEY Griffy Poo, You know you are my favorite 😉
  • KSI Gruntier 7 – I love you! You are amazing in every way!
  • KSI HARLEYGIRL – Love ya lady! Keep being the wonderful person you are!
  • KSI HiJaCk3D
  • KSI ImPyyy 7 – I’ll let you pick the mints #ASM
  • KSI Integra2221 – Your an AWESOME friend!!!!

That’s an awesome group of members, and the best part is that this is only a portion of the list! Please check back in later in the week, as the article will continue in Part 2.

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