Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Cupid’s Clash 2020 Recap

The Inaugural KSI Cupid’s Clash was this past weekend. Check in for some details on the events and the winners for the competitions! Although, when the community comes together, doesn’t everyone win?

The Inaugural KSI Cupid’s Clash event was held over the past weekend. For those that did not take part, this was different than many of the competitive events we have held before in one major way.

For Cupid’s Clash, teammates were randomly placed by Tournaments & Events as opposed to signing up together. This helped promote a sense of community wide morale, while also allowing members to meet and play with people they may not have known prior.

This is also the first Community Event that factors into the 2020 Divisional Cup! With the nature of assigning random teams, points were given for participation and not placement in the competitions. The list of games included were Uno, Grand Theft Auto 5, Brawlhalla, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Minecraft. The following is a list of the winners for each of the events.

UNO Xbox Edition: 2v2

  • KSI xBrownie – WD
  • KSI Shockr 7 – DM

GTA V: 2v2 Sumo

  • KSI Venum 7 – DW
  • KSI Goon 8 – WD

Brawlhalla: 2v2

  • KSI xBrownie – WD
  • KSI TyraTreXxus – DM

COD Modern Warfare: 2v2 Gunfight

  • KSI AtomXGen – WD
  • KSI Akame 7 – WD

Minecraft Build Off

  • 1st Place – Wicked Destruction
  • 2nd Place – Eternal Souls
  • 3rd Place – Demonic Mayhem

Divisional Cup

Here are the current amount of points earned by each Division through participation in the Cupid’s Clash events.

  • Wicked Destruction: 35 Points
  • Demonic Mayhem: 23 Points
  • Sovereign Legacy: 21 Points
  • Divine Warriors: 12 points
  • Eternal Souls: 11 Points

Thank you

I’d like to take this time to thank and congratulate all of the participants, and the winners of the events. Also, a special thanks to T&E and Productions for managing and streaming the events. This is what the community is all about, and I was glad to see and hear that implementation of a new event went so well. Hope you all are looking forward to doing this again next February!

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