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Valentine’s Day Shout Outs – Part 2

Part 2 in the article series of the Valentinea??s Day Shout Outs. Come read things members shared with us about their peers!

Valentine’s Day Shout Outs

Welcome back! This article is Part 2 in a series of articles listing members that were shouted out by their peers during the Valentine’s Day Shout Outs. I don’t know about you, but I find it refreshing to see some of the things members are saying about each other. You may also get a surprise and find out someone shouted you out personally as well!

If you haven’t yet read Part 1, you can find it here.

With that being said, here is the second part of the list

  • KSI J Turner – you’re simply amazing! Don’t ever change, you’ve been there through some tough moments for me and haven’t blinked twice at trying to pick me up! Thank you!!
  • KSI J0KER DM – For constantly working hard, absorbing information, and learning everything he can about being an awesome officer!
  • KSI JAK KNIFE 7 – Thanks for always being their for me! and everyone. Much <3 // Jak, I have known you for far too long and I am very glad to say you are part of my family. Always someone I can go to as well as others in the community. Thank you for being there for me when I’ve been down and you will always be my favorite.
  • KSI Joe 7 – Wonderful person to hang out with. Very positive attitude and fun to play games with and joke around with. // Definitely cool guy
  • KSI Kakashii 77 – This is my dude. Been brothers since High School, so for close to 10 years. You da bomb man // Keep grinding man! Your one of the best officers I know just got to get in gear and great things happen. // Shout out to Kakashii! Best of the best right here! Stay swoll grandpa! // Kakashii is an amazing person great person to game and have fun with
  • KSI Kalakoi 77 – There is possibly no reason to hate the guy. If you got a problem with him, you got to 1v1 me on Rust.
  • KSI Keidil – My favorite Gen, Love this guy.
  • KSI Knkypowr – Happy Valentine’s Day to my KSI Robin Hood!
  • KSI Kufner – To the Sweetest Gamer
  • KSI LadySatan – She always tries her hardest for the squad // Make it happen Cap’n!
  • KSI LEGION – Shout out to my best friend 💜 the one that’s been there for me through it all for 8 years now. One love always 💚
  • KSI Lollipop – Doing a great job keep it up!
  • KSI Lonewolf#684 – Lonewolf is always on top of things as CPT in our squad. A Gen needs a good CPT and Lone wolf fits that bill to a tee! He steps in whenever needed and can always be depended on even without asking
  • KSI Lord Alcarin – Lord, You are amazing flatout I have never had clicked with someone so much so quickly and you are becoming someone very close to me! Thank you for being so sweet and helpful in game chat and someone who everyone came come to for help if need be. I know you will do amazing in this Community and will be able to flourish here! Thank you for being you and thank you for all the laughs!
  • KSI Majesty 7 – Here’s to you Majesty my beautiful daughter, I love you dearly. Now and always, Mama Harley // She has helped me out a lot // To Majesty the women that stole my heart and replaced it with butterflies, you make me feel like a teenager again. I’m glad that it’s no longer “your princess is in another castle” I finally found my princess and with that our new adventure begins together. I love you princess.
  • KSI MeShell 7 – MeShell is an awesome person to be around and is always looking out for the members! 369 Girls wanna drink wine! // Even tho she can be toxic at times, Shell is one of the most dedicated and hard working members that I have had the pleasure of working with in this community! Her continued motivation and care for her members not only makes her a leader that a lot of us look up to, but also a friend that we all enjoy being around! Even during tough times, Shell is always willing to go the extra mile to make her Department, Squad, or Division the best she can make it, and that is the type of leader I hope everyone gets the chance of working with during their time in KSI.
  • KSI N3cRo NiNjA – This member always has a positive attitude and is always willing to help members in need. On top of this, this member displays excellent leadership skills.
  • KSI Nitrix – Happy valentines day <3
  • KSI NOT BATMAN – My best friend in KSI
  • KSI Nyx 7 – I haven’t known Nyx very long but she is always fun to be in a party with and always has time for everyone
  • KSI PandaLeafy – Thanks for being my best friend panda!!!
  • KSI Ralph – Ralph has been doing an amazing job helping to keep everything organized with the upcoming squad split as well as keeping squad moral up and keeping the members happy, Keep up the amazing work Ralph! // I would like to shout out KSI Ralph for being a great person overall. He always looks out for people and is always willing to also help others on his community.
  • KSI Refined – He’s a great guy that’s always happy to help someone out with a task, and does a great job of including everyone
  • KSI Rogue 7 – Shoutout to Rogue for being an amazing leader in SL and managing two squads! He puts his heart into anything he does to the fullest and has so many people who look up to him! His leadership style is one to be admired. //Shout out to KSI Rogue 7 for helping me with my join application s’agapou adelfos!
  • KSI Ronin 77 – Keep up the hard work man!!!! Thanks for everything you do for the community!!
  • KSI SevensNova – Miss You at game nights dude <3
  • KSI Shocker – Great general of squad. Wonderful person to go to when something’s needs to get solved. // This dudes a great gen, takes good care of cruelty // Shocker is always around and helping anyone he can! Just a great dude all around!
  • KSI HGrizzly – Happy Valentine’s Day!!
  • KSI Skarz 77 – Giving a shout out to my boy Skarz, he been having my back since he came over as my Director of LS and helping me in the best way to stay mentally strong to keep pushing on and helping me become a better leader today , much love bro
  • KSI Soap 7 – I appreciate everything you’ve done and continue to do for Productions! ‘Cause I sure as hell (can I say that?) wouldn’t be able to make some sweet montages and edits for YouTube #ripCD

What another great list of members. It really warms the heart to see people putting forth some effort to recognize their fellow members. Please check back in for Part 3 of this article a bit later in the week. We still aren’t quite done highlighting some of our wonderful members yet!

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