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Turkey Bowl 2019: Day 2 Recap

Day 2 is in the books. If you missed a second of the action, come and read all about it! Links to the fun INCLUDED!

Today we feature Black Ops FFA and an exciting PubG Duos tournament, as well as some more Div sparring in the forums challenge. It was an exciting day to say the least. If you missed a single bit of the action, be sure to check out our Twitch channel links posted below the recaps.


Black Ops FFA

Day two of the turkey bowl started off strong with a big Black Ops 2 Free For All showing. With four divisions fielding members for an awesome tournament style match-up. it was an event that should not have been missed. There was salt and tears, lots of sweat and blood and even some laughter. There was six matches in all, with the lowest scoring player getting eliminated from each one until the finals match between the last three players.


  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI Akame 7


  • KSI Durin

Surveying The Battlefield

In a six game elimination match there should be some highlights and some major points scored, and there certainly was for this tournament. Players fought hard and gave their all until only three remained.

The finals match was a sweaty fast paced brawl on the Nuketown map between three ridiculous players, with Bio Zhi and MeShell playing the rock and a hard place that Aggie was stuck between the entire match. The final podium stands with Bio Zhi taking first in every single match, KSI MeShell 7 taking second and KSI Aggie X rounding out the third place finish. There were several highlights including Shell’s purple customized SCAR and Soap’s extensive tactical knife usage.

The Podium

  • First Place: Bio Zhi (WD)
  • Second Place: KSI MeShell 7 (DM)
  • Third Place: KSI Aggie X (WD)
  • Fourth Place: KSI VIP3R (ES)

Honorable Mentions

  • KSI Soap 7 (DM)
  • KSI GoofyDoofer (DM)
  • KSI Barbl30 (DS)

Article by KSI RezMeIn5 and KSI JonahAlex12



After a delayed start due to technical difficulties, Day 2 ended with a fiery fight to the death. 11 teams faced off against one another to be the best of the best and take the title of Turkey Bowl PubG champions 2019. The event consisted of 2 rounds, the 1st with all 11 teams in which only 5 would progress to the 2nd round. In a kill or be killed environment everybody’s survivalist instincts soon kicked in.

Host and Judges:

  • KSI MeShell 7
  • KSI DropShot 7


  • KSI Trixie 7

Survival Of The Fittest

Round 1

With streamer KSI Trixie 7 taking the plunge, round 1 started with each team scrambling for weapons and supplies as they raced against the shrinking circle of death. Sacred Juices was 1st to be slaughtered after hitching a ride on a dirt bike alerted opponents of his team’s position. His teammate KSI DK 7 also took a plunge into the ocean to avoid being wiped out. KSI Akame 7’s team was the 1st to be eliminated, something that appears to be a common theme in this years Turkey bowl. Maybe the dudes just bad luck?

The final 5 teams to progress were KSI Highjacked9 & KSI N3cRo Ninja in 5th, KSI Vonner 7 & KSI kinSLAYER in 4th, KSI Killer04 in 3rd, KSI DrunknNinja & KSI P PEEPIN in 2nd and KSI NAHFOOL & KSI Spvrkle cleaning up shop taking 1st.

Round 2

With players running as fast as their little chicken legs could carry them, KSI NAHFOOL provided entertainment for viewers with some funky fresh dance moves. Everybody was chugging their energy drinks to heal as they dashed around with Roblox Boomer KSI MeShell 7 and KSI Trixie 7 confirming that everybody reaches for a can of monster when they bleed.

As the circle closed in, the 1st couple to leave the competition were Highjacked9 & KSI N3cRo Ninja. They were shortly followed by KSI Killer04 leaving 3rd place to happy feet KSI NAHFOOL & KSI Spvrkle and 2nd to KSI Vonner 7 & KSI kinSLAYER. 1st place was awarded to PubG champions KSI P PEEPIN & KSI DrunknNinja.

The Podium

  • First Place: KSI DrunknNinja and KSI P PEEPIN (SL)
  • Second Place: KSI Vonner 7 and KSI kinSLAYER (ES)
  • Third Place: KSI NAHFOOL and KSI Spvrkle (WD)

Honorable Mentions

  • KSI DCRUNK and KSI TossAMidget
  • KSI Killer04
  • KSI wise1 and KSI AWSOMEsauce
  • KSI PuntAmidget and KSIY4nk4life
  • KSI FRUITY B and Zakrasiel
  • Sacred Juices KSI DK 7
  • KSI HighJacked9 and KSI N3cRO NiNjA

Article by KSI xMinion


Turkey Bowl 2019 Forums Challenge

The Turkey Brawl continues in the forums as Divs slug it out to express their loyalty and love for their Divisions! Why not show yours and head on over to the forums and vote and comment for your Division!

Current Standings

  • WD- 36%
  • DM- 32%
  • SL- 12%

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