Tsunami hits Los Santos in GTA V

GTA V mods are awesome, so here’s a tsunami and first-person police gameplay.

Grand Theft Auto V mods might be my new favorite gaming thing.

Skyrim mods were pretty cool too, but the recent deluge of GTA V mods that have taken over YouTube and Reddit are really awesome.

I could throw up at least 15 videos that I’ve seen in the past week that you would like, but there’s something about this one that I really enjoy.

YouTube user and avid gamer MkElite uploaded this video on May 9.

It’s the tsunami mod, and even though some parts of it are clunky, it’s a pretty neat, immersive experience to witness.

Also, for honorable mention, here’s Let’sPlay playing as the cops in GTA V. It’s pretty awesome too.

Do you have any awesome mod videos that you want to share? Let us see them!

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