Tell Us What You Think!

We’re adding new Gaming sections to the forums! Starting Sunday 4/28, participate in our poll and tell us what you’d like to see!

Happy Easter guys! We want to let you know that some polls are going up a week from today. Polls about GAMING!

We want to know what games you play!

For instance –

  • Is your game represented on the forums?
  • Does it currently have a section in the Gaming area?
  • Do you want to see more people talking about your favorite game?
  • Do you wish it was easier to connect with other members who play the games you do?

We’ll be posting polls next Sunday, April 28th. Participate and tell us what gaming sections you’d like to see! Please reply with a comment as well. Your opinions are valued and we want to hear them!

Some examples of games that will be polled starting next Sunday are: Minecraft, Warframe, Rocket League, For Honor, No Man Sky. This is not an final list though. If there’s something else you’d like to see, LET US KNOW!

Check out the current KSI Gaming Area today! Or, read about the 2019 Forums Update. Things have changed – give it a look.

If you have any questions or comments, please message KSI RiiOT 7!

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