Family Times

Every now and then our writers get a chance to give a personal look on their lives. Come see what KSI Hatter 77 had to show us about hers!


In a lifetime, many things become important to a person. Whether it be a job, pets or family, there’s always that one focal point. For myself, it would have to be my children.

As a glorified superwoman, or stay at home mom, my children are my world. They keep me ridiculously busy, and occasionally make me want to pull out my already thinning hair. But truth be told, I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Even if I did, they would probably be returned very quickly. All joking aside though, my children are utterly amazing, and by far the best thing to ever happen to me.

Number One

When thinking about my oldest child, many things come to mind: stubborn, hard-headed, and an all around typical boy. His is just like his momma through and through. Making honors classes for his upcoming 6th grade year, you can tack on exceptionally smart to that list. One can usually find him either reading, watching boring YouTube streams, or stealing my xbox to play that evil Fortnite. For an unexpected 21st birthday gift, my son is one present that I thank God for daily.

Thing Two

A heart the size of Alaska, and an attitude to rival it would be an accurate description of my daughter. As the only girl on my husband’s side of the family, she’s spoiled rotten and has EVERYONE wrapped. She basically gets what she wants, as her collection of kitty/unicorn panda ears can show! Princess cupcake aside, she’s very loving. If she saw that you really needed something she would give it to you, to include her jacket on a super cold day. (Yes we’ve had this happen). As if things could get any better, she’s a lover of Doctor Who, anything hunter or Destiny related, and shrimp with hot wings from Hooters, you know like normal 7 yr old girls…


Together, my children are USUALLY at their best, unless they’re quiet. They are basically inseparable too, whether it be in the gameroom downstairs, cooking in the kitchen, or playing in their bedrooms. Lord knows you don’t pick on them either, as the other will come with the over protective smackdown. They have been known to lay hands almost as well as Jesus.

In the world of gaming, my children have become well known as the “Mini Hatter’s” of ES. Whether it be on Fortnite, Destiny 2, Minecraft or Anthem, they are always attempting to take part in an activity. Loved and accepted by many, they have unusually made our division more family orientated. At any given time you can hear them yelling in the background, “But mmmoommm why can’t I play with them? Mom, can I play later? Mom, can you tell them we said hi please?”

Never-ending Love

As you can tell, my children are my pride and joy. The light to my darkest times. They might aggravate the dickens out of me, but keep me on my toes. Growing up I honestly never wanted children. Now that I have them, I never want to let them go. They are my lifeforce, and will always be my babies! Watch out KSI, because in 4 years, KSI Mini Hatter will be a real “official” thing!

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