SYTYCW: Thanksgiving! Winners

November’s So You Think You Can Write winners are announced here! Tune in to hear their gratitude.

Thanksgiving SYTYCW Introduction

Thanksgiving was November’s So You Think You Can Write theme. We asked for members to write a thank you note to someone who had done much for them and who deserved it. Although it seems that not many people had much to be thankful for, others made up for it.

Please congratulate the winners of the So You Think You Can Write competition!

KSI Skarzx 77

If I had one person to be thankful for, it would have to be my mom. This woman raised 3 kids on her own for 20 years, working 2, sometimes 3 jobs to get through. She is the example of hard work and determination that I strive to mimic everyday.

No one in this world, other than my mother, has been there for me no matter what I did and always provided wisdom. Mom had a way of knowing when to cheer me up and when rather than yelling at me. She provided a guiding hand to help me realize my own mistakes and not repeat them. Mom is the reason I was so successful in school from helping with homework or projects, to chaperoning field trips.

She also encouraged me to always be myself because at the end of the day your real friends Will still be there. So in terms of being thankful, those words don’t even do it justice. Love you Ma!

KSI Th3 Blaz3

For me, I do have many people to thank.

Some of these people have left KSI, others that are my family members and friends. Many of these people knew about my struggles, my feelings and my personal thoughts on a lot of stuff.

Firstly, I am thankful for my mom who is a breast cancer survivor and the woman who gave life to me. As the stories she told me, she almost died just for me to exist. This woman is incredible. She traveled through the desert to arrive in the U.S, almost died during that long 8 day voyage. She struggled while having 4 children, along with 3 others who belonged to other mothers. Without her decisions, I would have never existed.

I would like to thank a few people like Night Halk who was a great friend and a very inspiring person when it came to taking care of his squad. However, when things fell apart, I did try my best to fill in. I remember how he used to run many things, how he took responsibility for many things and how he was admired by our squad throughout the period of his time. He was a great mentor to me and will continue to be my mentor in my mind whenever I have any doubt.

My choir people have welcomed me with open arms since the first day I walked in that door. They continue to support every single one of our members and they give me a lot of courage to do what I feel like I can’t do for a long time. That is to sing to my hearts content.

I’d like to thank my dog as well. Gizmo has really replaced the sadness our family had with our old dog’s passing. He’s a beautiful young spirit who brings us all joy. He can annoy us sometimes but overall, he gives us all that spunk we need in our daily lives.

Finally, I am thankful for the opportunity that has been given to me a few months ago, to be a general of an amazing squad. I still haven’t given up on making it better than ever again. I can have many doubts but, never am I giving up.

KSI BadKitty 7

If I could thank one person in my life, it would primarily be my Father. However, showing and sharing emotion and gratitude towards one another is definitely not one of my family’s strengths. Doing things for each other is expected, demanded even.

To this day, I would have it no other way. Some day when we’re both older, and we actually sit down to talk about life, there are several things I will finally be able to thank him for.

First and foremost, for adopting my sister and I, and giving us lives we most likely would not have had if not for him. There is no greater gift you could ever give to someone.

I thank him for picking me up every time I fell and refusing to let me quit, no matter how trying the task. I loved him for dealing with me throughout my rebellious, entitled, crappy teenage years. For the swift and stern consequences that always followed, which eventually (sooner rather than later) taught me to respect my peers and elders.

My father allowed me to make my mistakes as a young adult, then helped me correct them, but mostly made sure that I learned from them. I thank him for teaching me the ways of the world, both the good and the bad. For being there to help me support Jayda and Aidan in whatever they may need.

Watching him with them taught me a level of patience I had not yet possessed. And finally, in the present, for allowing me to work beside him and accepting me as an equal. He is my mentor and my idol. Thanks to him, I am proud of the person that I am today.


Please help us congratulate these winners on a thanks well given! It was a pleasure celebrating Thanksgiving with all of you! Make sure to catch up with December’s So You Think You Can Write, with the theme of short stories. Please keep in mind that anyone can participate and share your words with KSI.

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