SYTYCW: Short Stories! 1st Place

ADsqueaksHD came in first in the News Team’s SYTYCW for the month of December! This month’s theme was Short Stories! Catch the winning piece and Blockbuster!

Short Stories SYTYCW Introduction

In the month of December, the News Team asked fellow members to write a short stories for KSI. Out of all of those who submitted, all of them met 300 words or more!! Although we only had a few who submitted, the work that was submitted was very well written. Coming in first place was ADsqueaksHD, who wrote an awesome piece about a Blockbuster experience!


ADsqueaksHD’s Story: Blockbuster

    All right, so when I was a kid Blockbuster was a special place to me; It wasn’t just an abandoned building where people shoot smack at like it is today. No, back then it was haven for all your video game and movie rental needs. Now, my family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up, so when we went to Blockbuster it was a huge deal. I would be like, “Holy hell, we’re going to Blockbuster? What, is it my birthday, did we put the house up for a second mortgage? What the hell is the occasion mom and dad?” It was like a mini vacation for me. I’d get my picture taking there, make a photo album and I’d show it off in Show N’ Tell. My vacation to Blockbuster; here’s the cashier and I, here’s me in the parking lot and here’s the used syringe I found in the parking lot. Now, my most memorable visit to Blockbuster had to be the time I got Battle Tanx: Global Assault for the Nintendo 64. 

I remember my friend Dakota telling me about this Battle Tanx game. “Dude, it looks so cool, I thought a goddamn bullet was going to come flying out of the screen an blow off my little sister’s face.” I was like, “Hell yes, get me some of that crap!” Because this was a big deal; it’s real life warfare and explosions for Christ’s sake. This was right around the time where kids were selling their bodies on the street for Pokémon cards. 

So, a few days later a Christmas miracle happens, and we got to go to Blockbuster. So, we pull up and get out of the car and I’m prancing through the parking lot like a Los Vegas showgirl. I waltz into the video game section and of course every goddamn copy of that Battle Tanx: Global Assault is gone. There’s like a tumbleweed bouncing across the floor and I’m like, “Goddamn it, I’m gonna get stuck with Wave Race 64” (some crap like I always do). Nobody wants to play Wave Race, what the hell is that crap? But, on that day the Lord Almighty decided to throw me a bone, “let the boy have his Battle Tanx.”

I check up at the front to see by chance a copy might have been returned and not put on the shelf yet. Lord and behold there it was *boom* I got it, score! But we’re not out of the woods yet, because now I’d have to listen to my dad argue with the cashier about our triple digit late fees that we’ve acquired over the years because my dad never returned anything on time. He’d have movies out for weeks, they’d have my dad’s picture hanging on the wall, you’d have to sneak in wearing disguises and crap. “Yeah, it says you guys had Men in Black for 36 days,” the cashier said. My dad as cheap as he is says, “I’ll give you a Toonie to put towards the late fee, all right that’s all I got.” “Yeah… you’re gonna have to do better than that.” So, my dad asks me, “Oh for Christ’s sake, what do you got in your pockets?” “Umm… I got a head of a G.I. Joe action figure.” So, my dad says to bargain, “Okay, I got a Toonie and a head of G.I Joe how about that?” “Okay if that’s all you got, you’re gonna have to pick something crapier than that. That’s as if Michael Bay made a video game for Christ’s sake. I can rent you like a Mr. Bean movie or something.” “Oh, you can kiss my ass with a Mr. Bean movie, I’m not getting a Mr. bean movie.”

So, somehow my dad talked his way into getting Battle Tanx that night; it might’ve been through sheer violence, I don’t remember, I was just a kid. But I did get it and I do remember spazzing out like an idiot. “Holy hell, I can’t wait to home and shoot some civilians!” I got home and played that game for 16 hours straight; I didn’t eat, I was like crapping in a bucket in my room. Like I said, it’s as if Michael Bay made a video game what a time to be alive.

So, a week goes by and I still have the game, either my dad forgot to take the game back or he just didn’t care, probably both. Either way I wasn’t gonna tell him, so another week goes by and then a month. Eventually, we get a letter in the mail from Blockbuster telling us you have our game and if you don’t return it will do something… about it. What that something is I have no idea, what they’re gonna send a SWAT team to raid my house at night? My dad comes into my room and asks me if I have the game. “Yeah dad, I’ve had it since the 5th grade, I don’t even know where it’s at right now. I think you’ve been using it as a coaster for your beer the past couple of weeks.

To my surprise my dads like, “Oh the hell with it, looks like we’re keeping it.” I was like, “Hell yeah!” We high five, confetti flew from the ceiling. You know what Blockbuster decided to do about it? Nothing, they closed, Netflix assassinated it. I still got that Battle Tanx game. Now sure we practically stole the game if you look at it that way, but I don’t care, I’d do it again and you know why because it’s as if Michael Bay made a video game for Christ’s sake, how many times I gotta tell you.


As the year comes to an end, we would like to give a huge thanks to all of those who have participated in our SYTYCW’s! It means a lot to us when we see members participating, and is a huge highlight to our team! With the New Year swinging around, we would love to see more participants in our new SYTYCW’s! If you have any more ideas, please let us know!

If you’d like to see everyone’s work, follow this link!

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