SYTYCW: Short Stories! 2nd Place

December’s SYTYCW theme was short stories! Jump into this lovely piece written by KSI FREYA, who won 2nd place!

Short Stories SYTYCW Introduction

In the month of December, the News Team asked fellow members to write a short stories for KSI. Out of all of those who submitted, all of them met 300 words or more!! Although we only had a few who submitted, the work that was submitted was very well written. Coming in second place was KSI FREYA! Barely missing the OTY nominations, she dedicated this to those who’ve influenced her, and helped her throughout her time in KSI.


As of December 18th, the “Of the year” nominations has closed, and I feel like I have failed for not making it in time to nominate anyone. It had me thinking who I would nominate, and honestly, I don’t think I could nominate just one person per category. 

     The past year and a half that I have been apart of KSI has been a great learning experience. I have made new friends, lost a few, and fallen in and out of love. KSI is one of the best things to happen to me on Xbox and has saved my life, truly.  I joined KSI for the first time, back in May of 2016, I was in Demonic Mayhem, and I loved it. I had Wicked as a higher up, Bushy, and Elkram. They all made a huge impact on my outlook of the community. I made friends with Danny Danger (AKA baby danny) and  MegaNova, those were the days. I would turn on my Xbox and always had someone to play with. I started recruiting some of my friends in, such as Shanda, now know as KSI BadKitty 7, and she loved it here. I’m so proud of how far she’s come and what she does for this community.  We all had so much fun gaming together and growing our squads.

January of 2017, I met three of the most amazing guys ever, Memes, Bearded, and Odinn. These guys were funny, and full of everything I looked for in friends to play with online. We played halo all the time, and I got really close to them. Odinn and Memes are my best friends in KSI and have shown me what its like to be part of such a great community. They look out for me, they help me out with any questions and assist me with so much. They are not only amazing members, but amazing people. They even included me in on their fall classics Halo Swat Team this October!

     Later on, I switched Divisions, to DL with Elkram, and met a few really cool people, KSI Firemomma was one of them, she kept messaging me and trying to keep me active when I got really busy with life and work. Mr. Gump and Bushman were also very influential and great to talk to. Unfortunately, I was inactive due to work and planning a wedding that I got fluffed from the squad.  When I was active, I was very happy with where I was, even if i wasn’t playing the same games. There was never a time I didn’t feel like I was welcomed or apart of KSI.

Finally I had the time to game again, and Odinn and Memes welcomed me with open arms. I played with them all the time, we had game nights constantly and became a family. September I decided to Rejoin KSI Midgard in Last strike. That was the best choice I have ever made. October comes around and my life flips upside down, I got married, and within a week I was single again, I thought my life was over. I was depressed beyond the point of no return, I couldn’t motivate myself to do anything.  I was a wreck, but my family, KSI, saved me.

They gave me a reason to get out of bed, and talk to people. They made me feel not so alone. I cannot count the numerous of times that Bearded, Memes, Odinn, Hebrew, Akame, Blazin, Pasteries, Ronin, Trendies, and Killer have made me smile. They have stayed up with me all night because I couldn’t sleep, stayed in parties with me while I’ve cried my eyes out, and they messaged me and joked around with me. They let me sleep in parties so I don’t feel alone, and push me to see my true self, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.

     I couldn’t just nominate a few people, I would have to nominate all of KSI. You are all amazing, and make this community what it is.  Even you Luci, your silly comments in parties and on the forums crack me up. I know I can be difficult, and I can be stubborn, but how I wouldn’t do anything to keep doing my best for this community.  You have all made such an impact on me and showed me that I have more to me than I can even begin to fathom.



As the year comes to an end, we would like to give a huge thanks to all of those who have participated in our SYTYCW’s! It means a lot to us when we see members participating, and is a huge highlight to our team! With the New Year swinging around, we would love to see more participants in our new SYTYCW’s! If you have any more ideas, please let us know!

Also, if you happen to bump into some of the people mentioned in Freya’s story, please send them a link to read this!!

If you’d like to see everyone’s work, follow this link!

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