Spring Break: Day 2

Day 2 of Spring Break has come and gone. Check out coverage of all events, to include: R6S 3v3 Bomb, OverWatch 4v4 TDM, and 7’s Poker to name a few!

Today was a very fine day for Spring Breakers as far as competitions go. Events included Poker, Rainbow Six Siege, Overwatch, and a Trivia competition that took place during the R6S Twitch stream. All of the events brought in a large number of viewers and a high level of excitement!

Day two marks the halfway line for Spring Break, and boy was it a good time! A lot happened and the competition really heated up tonight. Mostly, there was a lot of really great sportsmanship and kudos handed out amongst the players that fueled the positive spirit.

Rainbow Six Siege 3v3 Bomb

As per usual, R6S lived up to it’s standards and didn’t fail to impress. Teams were the epitome of sweat, while the viewers were losing their nails. With triumphs and heartaches both of equal size, grenades to the face, and bombs being defused, no one would have EVER guessed the outcome. In the first streamed event, ES went up against DL. As the game progressed, odds looked in ES’s favor. With RUSTYMARSHMELOW slipping out of sight, he sealed the deal with a final bullet striking a hard blow, giving him 10 kills in 5 matches, and ES the win in a 4-1 battle.

With the second streamed match starting, tensions were running high between WD and DW. It seemed that each team had an answer for their opponents. Going into the final round, DW was up 3-2, but it looked like WD would take the round. That is until KSI Finisher came through clutch with a 3 man kill streak, leading DW into the finals to play for first place!!!

The Ultimate showdown

The grand finale of the evening saw ES playing against DW to show who was the best of the best. Both teams came into the match undefeated, and on pins and needles knowing just exactly what a win would mean. DW came out of the gate with a heart as fierce as a lion, winning the first two rounds with almost no problem. Somehow, ES managed to emerge from the shadows, taking the 3rd round with a corner gun kill. DW wasn’t having it though, as they swiftly came back in the 4th round not holding back and taking the win.

When all seemed to be lost, and by some grace of God, ES came back in the 5th round with nothing to lose, aside from the game of course. Taking round 5 and 6 by storm, ES evened up the score 3-3, and went into round 7 knowing it was all or nothing. As defenders, anything was possible, but rushing was the name of the game. Pushing through, what can only be called a “Miracle Match”, ES managed to take out the whole DW team with over a minute to spare.


  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI Igan o


  • KSI Kalakoi 77

First Place: Eternal Souls

  • KSI Torch096
  • KSI SN1P3RB0552

Second Place: Divine Warriors

  • KSI Harmony 7
  • KSI Finisher
  • KSI Majesty

Third Place: Demonic Mayhem

  • KSI zBlinkyyTTV
  • KSI NightDaff
  • KSI Logical91

Overwatch 4v4

Tonight’s Overwatch 4v4 event saw 6 Divisions face off against each other in a battle of many deaths. The teams played fiercely, each giving it their all. Ultimately it was ES that shined the brightest again, taking the win and putting the rest of their competition to shame.


The first match saw DM vs DW with KSI Mitch dominating the game and taking the win for DM. The round ended 30-5. Second match of the day was EO vs DW. DW had a commanding lead throughout the match. KSI PapaRomeo consistently stomped the opposition and took play of the game. DW took the win with a score of 30-7. ES took off in a major way showing no mercy to DL. They laid it on hard with KSI Tempest115 taking play of the game. ES won 30-12

DM took yet another win in their match against SL due to them inflicting damage upon their own team, thus causing them to go negative by 1. DM continued to take the game by storm and finished 30-10 with Infinityhunt taking play of the game. DM went on to pick up yet another win defeating and, ultimately eliminating DL.

Finishing blows

The final match was ES vs DM. With ES having already picked up an additional win against DL, the two teams were both forerunners throughout most of their match ups! The adrenaline was strongly pumping through these teams. The match proved to be extremely tense and fast paced with both teams keeping a fairly close lead on each other. Bringing us to a point ES needed to only win this final match to take the “w”! DM started off strong showing they weren’t willing to go down easily, however ES soon turned things around flipping the table on DM and taking charge of the match. ZealousEquality took Play of the Game as ES swept the competition away and won the final match thus winning the entire game 30-13. This win solidified them as the grand champions of this tournament.

Event Hosts:

  • Sephiroth XC
  • KSI Aion


  • KSI MeShell 7

First Place: Eternal Souls

  • KSI Tempest115
  • KSI OddBa11
  • ZealousEquality
  • TiredCalico

Second Place: Demonic Mayhem

  • KSI Mitch
  • KSIxGalaxy
  • Infinityhunt
  • KSI Tuchmyself

Third Place: Dark Legion

  • KSI Dundarrach
  • KSI SumUnicorn 7
  • Siddthegod
  • A Present Fart

Prominence Poker 7’s event

Our third event, happening slightly later in the evening was this free-for-all match up against our beloved 7’s, who came out to represent their respective divisions. The competition was very quiet until the final match! Most competitors decided to let their cards and the sweet flow of poker chips do all the talking.

The Tabletop Tango

There were 3 poker tables in total for the night. The first featured table on stream was hosted by KSI Exclibur. The party chat was completely silent although there was an apparent a table bully as KSIFiremomma7 started out very strongly out off the gate slowly chipping away at her competitor’s stacks. Eventually KSI Venum 7 hit his competitive streak and really began working on the competition, and the two worked to wear down the table.

At multiple points KSI Havoc 7 was on the edge of losing it all yet somehow, he made a comeback over and over avoiding bankruptcy on many occasions. Sadly, he finally got taken out when the buy ins hit a place where he was forced to go all in for the last time. This left the 2 table winners KSIFiremomma7 of DL finishing with 6.5k in her bankroll and KSI Venum 7 of DW finishing with over 16k in his.

The table hosted by KSI Sup3r not shown on stream had a very long fierce drawn out competition. With an unfortunate knockout by way of controller death, KSI Hatter 77 of ES was eliminated first. The final winners from this table were KSI Akame 7 of LS, and KSI Brunan 7 of WD.

Winners Circle

Even though the night was reaching later hours, the table was full of lighthearted spirits as the final battle commenced! Brunan hit a lucky streak at the beginning of the fight, pulling in a MASSIVE 9k steal shortly after the start of this match. Firemomma again was enjoying bullying the table a bit, affectionately telling everyone that she needed to “take a bit more of their lunch money!” And that’s exactly what she did for quite some time. Akame was the first to be knocked out, followed by Venum shortly thereafter. Brunan and Momma were the only two left at the table until Brunan made a final push, taking the table over and bringing home a win for WD!


  • KSI Dropshot 7
  • KSI Excalibur
  • KSI Sup3r


  • KSI Exclibur

First place

  • KSI Brunan 7 – Wicked Destruction

Second Place

  • KSI Firemomma7 – Dark Legion

Third Place

  • KSI Venum 7 – Divine Warriors


During the R6S event, our glorious KSI BadKitty 7 held a trivia event to keep Twitch viewers entertained! (Thank you T&E Staff for thinking about us!) In said event, viewers of the stream were able to answer questions about KSI, while also earning Divisional Cup points for their respective divisions! Many laughs were to be had, and many rigs were called, all in good fun! At the end of the night, when all was said and done, everyone came out with a lot more knowledge of our amazing community!


  • First Place:Wicked Destruction
  • Second Place:Eternal Souls
  • Third Place:Dark Legion

Forums Challenge

As Day 2 of our Spring Break events come to a close, our Forums Challenge continues to rage on. Taking charge and heading the leaderboards, ES has surprised everyone with 76 votes. SL keeps second place with 46 votes, while WD is on their tail, holding onto third place with 45. With the polls coming to a close at 7pm EST tonight, Divisions don’t have much longer to pull in their last push! Make sure to go cast your vote AND comment for the new Spring Break Award on the Forums Challenge.

Closing on the End

The night, along with most of events has come to a close! So far we have seen a lot of fierce and fun competition happening amongst our divisions. Eternal Souls had a really outstanding day of competition, and is looking to be a fierce competitor. We will have to stay tuned to our KSIlive and KSIlive2 Twitch streams for some more heat packed, adrenaline pumping action as we transition into Day 3, the final day of Spring Break! Closing out our weekend of fun will be the BO4 4v4 TDM starting at 6pm EST, and the7’s BO4 FFA following shortly after, which never ceases to bring in a tiny bit of salt. So make sure you tune in so you don’t miss a bit of the excitement, or our closing ceremonies!

Article by: KSI Hatter 77, KSI Harmony 7, and KSI xMinion

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