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Spring Break: Day 3

2019 Spring Break weekend is officially over and in the books. Catch the final recap of all events and winners list here!

Day 3’s competitions amongst the divisions were nothing short of fierce! It saw the BO4 4v4 TDM, 7’s BO4 FFA, the closing of the Forums Challenge, and Inductees to the Divisional Hall of Fame. Whether you partook in any of the events or kicked back watching the streams on our Twitch channels, take a minute to read through the final results and see how your division placed!

Black Ops 4 – 4v4 TDM

Closing out Spring Break, we had our long awaited Black Ops 4 4v4 TDM competition. As a double elimination, first team to 75 points win, anything was possible. At the beginning of each match, there was a poll posted on Twitch for the viewers to vote on who they thought would win the games, with the outcomes not always following viewers choice.

Match One

Our first match held was DL vs WD on Summit. The viewers spoke, thinking that WD would shutout DL. Little did they know that DL had other plans. Straight out of the gate DL lead a strong front, never breaking stride or backing down. Covering doors at the factory, DL overran all of WD’s options keeping the lead and shutting them down 81-63 as time ran out.

Match Two

The second match saw DL facing DM on Hacienda. As with the first viewers poll, the odds were against DL, but they didn’t let that stop them taking a big lead at the beginning of the match. A 22-7 lead to be exact, only to become null and void due to an ominous LAG spike causing a rematch. With the restart, DM came back with a fierce passion taking the lead by 15. DL, not having any of that, brought the match back to a tie. By the end of the match, DL continued to hold strong with a 66-60 win!

Match Three

The third match hosted DL vs ES on Morocco. As the last 2 viewers polls spoke out, the third did as well, showing ES favor. That didn’t stop DL from showing up and out though! At first the match looked pretty even, but then DL took a 9 kill lead and never looked back. Keeping a balcony locked down, DL won their third match 75-61!

Match Four

The fourth match held was to determine who would be going into the the finals, and saw SL battling WD in the Slums. WD came out strong knowing this was the “make or break it” match. Within the first 3 minutes they lead the scoreboard 29-10. Staying strong and not giving up, SL continued to battle forward, but ultimately lost to WD 75-30.

Third Place Winner

Determining third place of the BO4 competition, our fifth match saw ES fighting WD on Frequency. Close was the name of this game. WD held the lead for most of the match, never faltering, camping the corners, and making their headshots count. Out of nowhere, ES got their game together tying the match. Running neck and neck for the remainder of the game, ES managed to scrape by the skin of their teeth, winning the match 69-64 and earning the nickname “The Comeback Boys”.

The Finale?

Point. Set. Match??? In what we thought would be the final match, DL faced off against ES on Arsenal. ES started out guns blazing, knowing if they won, they would reset the running bracket and possibly take home first place for their division. Four minutes into the match, strategies seemed to be go big or go home, and the score reflected thus at 29-23. Could ES actually hold onto the lead or would DL pull out the upset? Tying the match up 37-37, it looked like DL was going to hold out and bring it home. With one minute to go ES pulled it out to take a commandeering lead of 66-58. Coming down to the final seconds, ES won 75-64, having the first ever reset bracket in KSI history.

The Final Finale

With first place of the BO4 competition on the line, tensions were running high between DL and ES on Seaside. Running on all cylinders couped with a massive adrenaline rush, ES started strong holding the lead 22-19. Were they going to continue to keep the stamina up and hold out for the win? With 5 minutes left and the score being 41-36 it was still anyone’s game, but when the clock struck 3 minutes, ES pulled away 64-42 and never looked back. Holding strong to the promise they made with 1:32 seconds left to go, the “Comeback Boys” brought it home to ES winning 75-52.


  • KSI Excalibur
  • KSI Akame 7


  • KSI FireHeart 7

First Place: Eternal Souls

  • KSI Torch096
  • KSI Tempest115
  • ZealousEqualty

Second Place: Dark Legions

  • KSI Shadowo45
  • KSI ShadowV
  • KSI Follow
  • KSI Dundurrach

Third Place: Wicked Destruction

  • KSI x Rogue
  • KSI Hypes
  • KSI x Desolate

7’s Black Ops 4 FFA

Closing out the end of our Spring Break competition, the 7’s of each division went head to head in a Free For All mass killing spree on BO4. There were many laughs to be held, the lag was real, intruders came and left, and the Final match to determine the top three spots turned into an early April Fools joke of a “Fisticuffs” match on Firing Range. In reality, the Finals took place on the most ever hated map Nuketown, and proved to be a massive domination of skill.


  • KSI Igan o7
  • Sephiroth XC
  • KSI Aion


  • KSI Soap 7

First Place: Dark Legions

  • KSI DropShot 7

Second Place: Divine Warriors

  • KSI Nebula 7

Third Place: Sovereign Legacy

  • KSI Grifful 7

Forums Challenge

With the divisional competition going crazy, the forums challenge proved to be one of the best ever with 352 members voting. Eternal Souls broke out with a commandeering lead over the first two days and never looked back with their final tally at 92. As Sunday came to a close, Wicked Destruction came in to overtake second place with 76, while Sovereign Legacy and Demonic Mayhem tied for third with 52 votes.

Final Results

  • Eternal Souls – 92
  • Wicked Destruction – 76
  • Sovereign Legacy – 52
  • Demonic Mayhem – 52
  • Divine Warriors – 38
  • Dark Legions – 17
  • Last Strike – 16
  • Explosive Outlaws – 8

2019 Divisional Hall of Fame Inductees

As Spring Break came to a close on Sunday evening, KSI’s second round of Divisional Hall of Fame Inductions happened! Congratulations to all of the leaders who were nominated and chosen, and thank you to everyone who voted for them!

The Winner’s Circle

The winners of the 2019 Spring Break are:

1st Place – Eternal Souls

2nd Place – Dark Legions

3rd Place – Wicked Destruction

2019 Spring Break Scoreboard

The End of The Beginning

Sadly Spring Break came to a close late Sunday evening but it was only the beginning of what’s to come in 2019 for KSI. With divisions breaking out and shining, friendships were made and many laughs were given!

A big thank you goes out to our Tournaments & Events department for putting together and hosting this year’s Spring Break events! To the New’s Department, thank you for the in depth recap coverage of all events. Thank you to the Productions Department for streaming all of our events. And to our members who participated in events or tuned into the streams to cheer on their divisions, we greatly appreciate you!

As always, you can catch all of Spring Break’s recap coverage and videos on our Twitch channels, KSILive and KSILive2. We hope you enjoyed all of the weekend events, and look forward to seeing everyone during future events!

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