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Spring Break: Day 1

Spring Break is finally here! Come check out Day 1 coverage to include: The Forums Challenge, Halo 5 CTF, PubG 4v4, and GTA V 7’s Sumos!

Spring Break 2019

After what seems like an eternity, KSI’s first community event of 2019 is FINALLY underway! Spring Break is our first competition of the year and the official kick off towards the long awaited Divisional Cup!

In this event all 8 divisions in KSI have the opportunity to compete against each other. In tonight’s lineup we had Halo 4v4 CTF, GTA 5 7’s Sumo, and PUBG 4v4 tournaments happening. As always, the News Team was there to catch play by play coverage of each event held.

If you want to catch the streams from the past events, or watch them as they happen, head over to our Twitch accounts KSILive and KSILive 2.

Forums Challenge

As always, our annual Forums Challenge started at 8pm EST. Within the first hour DW, DM, WD and ES exploded the challenge with their voting totals being neck and neck.

By 1am, ES had pulled ahead showing that they wanted to lead the pack. SL and WD have stayed at a steady distance to round up 2nd and 3rd place.

Current Voting Count
  • Dark Legions – 14
  • Demonic Mayhem – 27
  • Divine Warriors – 25
  • Eternal Souls – 46
  • Explosive Outlaws – 6
  • Last Strike – 13
  • Sovereign Legacy – 31
  • Wicked Destruction – 29

PUBG 4v4 Custom game

Event Host(s):

  • KSI Dropshot 7
  • KSI Excalibur
  • KSI W1CKED 7


  • KSI Soap 7

First Match

PUBG is an event that started out very quiet today. Each respective team began mostly away from each other, and slowly as the blue storm moved closer, they began to fight. The first casualty of the evening was rather early, while others were staggered and few and far inbetween.

We had 4 divisions competing in this faceoff: DL, SL, WD, and ES! KSI Tiger 77 was a real stand out amongst the competition fo WD. Racking in 3 out of the 4 kills for her team in the 1st game, she was working as a real team player. After a standoff in the final circle, the First match went to SL!

Second Match

The second match began on Sanhok again since it’s the smallest available PUBG map. Each team was very secluded and stuck to themselves as they scavenged the entire map, searching for all the precious loot and treats they could possibly find. The first circle went by without a casualty. Followed silently by a second and third round of no firefights. Suddenly the fourth circle was underway and each team slowly infringed on the same territory. The firefights were blazing so quickly the stream couldn’t catch every waking moment of fire and glory.

In a last stand moment, SL took the low ground in the final circle, hoping and praying they could pull out the win. However, DL had another thought, flanking in on KSI Lollipop, and leaving no escape available.

First Place: Dark Legion

  • KSI Follow
  • KSI SumUnicorn 7
  • Shadowcstr
  • KSI SasquatchX

Second place: Sovereign Legacy

  • KSI Kakashi 7
  • KSI DiamondKat
  • KSI Lollipop
  • KSI ScoreiOn

Third place: Wicked Destruction

  • KSI Kalakoi 77
  • KSI Tiger 77
  • KSI Crummy
  • KSI Zero Reaper

Halo 5 4v4 CTF

Event Host(s):

  • KSI Akame 7
  • KSI BadKitty 7
  • Sephiroth XC


  • KSI MeShell 7

As always, the Halo 5 event proved to be as big as its hype! Showing that they were going to continue to be the reigning champs of the game, DM came out of the gate swinging that mighty win! Their first loss was handed to them by a hungry team repping ES.

Eternal Souls would continue to dominate every stage they played on. Never giving up, they came out as undefeated champions! Congratulations to the winners, and thank you to everyone who came out and played! If you missed it, check out KSILive 2 as it was a very exciting night to watch!

First place: Eternal Souls

  • KSI Torch096
  • KSI Killedbyme
  • CorruptedPriest
  • KSI Flying Poo

Second Place: Demonic Mayhem

  • KSI Vonner 7
  • KSI Fats McGee
  • KSI Tantrum
  • KSI WinterMoth

Third Place: Sovereign Legacy

  • KSI Dytto
  • KSI GamerJohn
  • KSI MagicShadow
  • Daeman12

7’s GTA V Sumo

Event Host(s):

  • KSI W1CKED 7
  • KSI Excalibur


  • KSI Soap 7

The First Battle

As the first match began, Akame flung himself off the map as pressure obviously became too much for him to handle. Nebula and Dropshot battled to the death, circling each other until Dropshot finally caved in. He was defeated by DW’s teen drama queen Nebula, after a lot of screaming about child abuse.

Second Battle

With the second match underway, Tiger was first off the cliff. She was followed closely by Firemomma, who literally backed off of a cliff rather than face off against her opponents. A very tense showdown between Swagg and Venum the started to take place. Swagg tried to intimidate and put Venum off with nothing but horn honking! It seemed like a never ending battle as both shunted back and forth, circling each other like sharks and Venum actually mounting Swagg’s hood at one point. Swagg came on strong though and eventually claimed victory as the circle of doom closed in and Venum exploded.

Third Battle

Seeing many technical difficulties but even more laughs, the third match was underway.. The first battle saw Skarzx eliminated, but for good reason as his newborn needed his attention. (Good on you daddy!). This left Dragons, Hatter, and Kalakoi to attempt to make the finals. In what can only be known as a “tag team duo”, Dragons and Kalakoi saw the final showdown with the circle of doom. Pushing and hooking cars, Dragons came out victorious leading DM into the last match of the evening!

The Final Showdown

The final match of the evening saw Swagg, Nebula and Dragons in a co-fo face off, with tensions high and morals low. Swagg initially won the first round. With Nebby and Dragons ganging up on him, Nebula took the second round. Dragons faced a few close suicidal encounters where he nearly backed up to far. Exploding when he was forced out of the golden circle, Dragons blew up his chances to take the win for DM. In the end, it was Nebula’s sheer dumb luck, and a savvy sense of direction that saw him take the 3rd round. After what seemed like an eternity, Nebula pushed his way to the the top of the leaderboard, taking in the victory for DW.

First Place: Divine Warriors

  • KSI Nebula 7

Second Place: Last Strike

  • KSI MFLSwagg 7

Third Place: Demonic Mayhen

  • KSI Dragons

Day 2 Competition

With the end of Day 1 in the books, the rest of the weekend is sure to bring just as much entertainment! With Overwatch and R6S as the main competitions of Day 2, and Poker rounding out the night, the sweat will be real!

Make sure to tune into Twitch this evening at 8PM EST for live streams of all of our events! It will be a night full of fun and excitement as we see which divisions will come out as victors!

Article written by: KSI Hatter 77, KSI Harmony 7, and KSI xMinion.

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