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Spirit Week 2020 Recap

Spirit Week 2020 was a smash hit! Here’s the recap article, including events held, placements, and other updates throughout the community during Spirit Week 2020.

This year’s Spirit Week was fantastic. Complete with a variety of events, giveaways, and even some big promotions to top it all off! Spirit Week 2020 was awesome, no doubt. So let’s take a moment to thank the Tournaments & Events Department, the Productions Departement, and everyone else who helped make Spirit Week 2020 possible. Thanks, guys! Now, let’s dig into the results.

Day One

Rocket League Results: (Streamed by KSI Bane 7)

1st: KSI Goaty, KSI Snail420, ElusivePenny – SL
2nd: KSI Fenny, KSI Bison, KSI Takes – SL (No Div Cup Points)
2nd: KSI xBrownie, KSI xSmitty, XzShxdowbatX – WD
3rd: KSI Echo13, KSI Rewster, VO1DifEXP1R3D – DM

Almost every match leading up the finals was a nail biter. After splitting the first two games in the semi-finals, Team Goaty came back from a 4-2 deficit and edged Team Brownie in a thrilling overtime match. Two SL teams were pitted against each other in the finals as Team Goaty battled its way out of the consolation bracket. In the end, Team Goaty ended up clinching the championship in a hard-fought battle between Team Goaty and Team Fenny.

Uno via Results: (Not streamed)

1st. KSI Pilot#7180 – WD
2nd. KSI JokerWest – ES
3rd. KSI Swag 77 – SL

Everyone knows that Uno is the game of cardsharks. It is a cut-throat world as the number of cards in your hand decreases. The closer you get to winning the more everyone is determined to knock you down. Things got tense as the closer the match came to an end, but KSI Pilot laid down his cards and claimed victory for WD. KSI JokerWest and KSI Swag soon followed, but they were a little too late to claim victory.

Day Two

Overwatch 3v3 Mystery Heroes Results: (Streamed by KSI Bane 7)

1st: KSI OddBa11, TiredCalico, KSI Karisaur – ES
2nd: KSI xFondu, KSI TayTay77, KSI xGrimm – WD
3rd: KSI LadySatan, KSI Joe 7 – DM

“Who are we going to get, and who is going to win?” were the main two questions everyone was asking during the Overwatch event. After some randomness ensued KSI OddBa11, Tired Calico, and KSI Karisaur from ES reigned supreme to give ES its first Spirit Week win.

Destiny 2 4v4 Control Results: (Not streamed)

1st: Ea9leEYE18, Holton1, V1B3CHECK, blacksunshine17 – DM
2nd: KSI Dakeech, KSI alusean, Diegoat69, KSI harbinger95 – WD
3rd: Nero570, Sniper10501, KSI Sparko, KSI kgbwerkz – DM (No Div Cup Points)
4th: KSILycanBlut, KSI bigjimbug, KSI Crummy, KSIxBear – WD

Only the bravest of the brave battle it out in the crucible, and the competition was fierce. DM and WD seemed to be clear favorites from the beginning. The event ended with DM and WD taking the top 4 spots with DM ultimately claiming the victory.

Day Three

Modern Warfare 4v4 Core Domination Results: (Streamed by KSI FireHeart 7)

1st: KSI AtomXGen, Bio Zhi, KSI Spvrkle – WD
2nd: KSIBABYSHARK, KSI Dragon8, KSI Takeo, KSI Babyboi – SL
3rd: KSI xKing 77, KSI Ronin 77, KSI RiiOT 7, KSI Airborne 7 – BOD (No Div Cup Points)
4th: KSI Oddba11, KSI Shadow007, KSI D3A7THW1SH, KSI Jokster – ES

Modern Warfare 4v4 Hardcore Domination Results: (Streamed by KSI KSI Bison)

1st: KSI Cable, KSI Sniper#4895, KSI Sushi 2, KSI Dakeech – WD
2nd: KSI Cringle, SNIPER10501, KSIxGhostSR, FRANKLyfatal – DM

Domination says it all. Who can capture objectives, get the kills, and defend their territories to dominate the enemy? Although it was a hard-fought battle, the answer was clear; WD was able to dominate their opponents in both hardcore and core domination to bring back the wins to their division.

Day Four

Karaoke Results: (Streamed by KSI Jacustar)

1st: KSI Rogue 7 (SL)
2nd: KSI Lollipop (WD)
3rd: KSI DC 7 (SL) (No Div Cup Points)
3rd: KSIxROMEO 7 (DM)

This karaoke was different because no music was allowed to be played through the stream. So our Twitch account, KSILive, wouldn’t be banned for copyright violation. In the end, KSI Rogue 7 emerged as a shining star, singing and strumming his guitar to earn yet another karaoke victory.

Rainbow 6 Siege 3v3 Secure Area: (Streamed by KSI FireHeart 7)

1st: KSI Shockr 7, KSI Skarzx 77, KSI Drizzle – DM
2nd: KSI NightDaff, PTSDSOLDIER77 – DM (No Div Cup Points)
3rd: KSIxD3AD, KSI Anti Legion, KSI DeadZeus – WD
4th: KSIxSWAG, KSI Khaoss, KSI Refluent – WD (No Div Cup Points)
5th: KSI ForeignG, KSI G0TPWNED, KSI Bounded50 – ES

Though the outcomes of the finals and consolation finals seemed almost pointless, pride was on the line for both DM and WD as they went to war with each other. The objective was to secure the area; DM clinched the win with two teams in the finals; however, WD didn’t fare too bad though seeing as they had two teams face off in the third-place match to guarantee points for their division.

Rainbow 6 Siege 3v3 Bomb Results: (Streamed by KSI Bison)

1st: ClapHerPlz, KSI x SCORPIO, El Cuh Acrn – SL
2nd: KSI Sniper4895, KSI Tiger 77, KSI xGrimm – WD
3rd: KSI PcklRick, KSI Legend27, Franklyfatal – DM

Where DM and WD secured the area it was ultimately SL that defused the bomb. WD and DM weren’t too far behind as WD claimed 2nd, and DM placed 3rd.

Apex Legends Speedrun Results:

1st: KSI Shadow007, KSI Vip3r, KSI Bongmilk – ES
2nd: KSI xLittio, KSI xFondu, KSI big mack 92 – WD
3rd: KSI DAQUIRI, KSI Mitch, KSI Dragons 7 – DM

This speedrun was a high tense action-packed event. While all that participated were moving at supersonic speed, it was ES that emerged victoriously. Although they did not claim the first place prize, WD was able to place second, and DM took third to end the event.

Day Five

Minecraft Build-off Results: (Streamed by KSI Jacustar)

1st: KSI xHawkx 7 (WD) 84/84
2nd: KSI Uppish 7 (DM) 77/84
2nd: KSI Barb 7 (ES) 77/84

What better way to sum up our biggest annual event by dedicating a two-week event to show off our love for KSI. In this event, members were given time to express what KSI meant to them and their division in 3D pixel art! Ultimately KSI xHawkx 7’s led the WD to a perfect score and the (fake) title of master of Minecraft!

Donor’s Event: GTA V Sumo Results: (Streamed by KSI Jacustar)

1st KSI Kakashii 77
2nd was a threeway tie: KSI Swag 77, KSI MeShell 7, KSI Weeaboo

Let’s push this one out of the way (pun intended) is what all competitors thought as they got ready to battle it out in GTA V. Ultimately it was KSI Kakashii 77 who stayed in the center the longest and claimed the title of GTA Sumo champion.

Forums Challenge

This time around, the Forums Challenge poll was a 2-way race between DM and WD. By the time it ended, WD nudged out DM by a tight 6 vote margin. Here’s the final tally:

WD – 235 votes
DM – 229 votes
SL – 107 votes
ES – 33 votes

Closing Ceremony

KSI HoF Inductees

KSI Kakashii 77
KSI Skarzx 77
KSI TexAngel 7
KSI xKing 77

Board of Directors

Congratulations to the following:

KSI Airborne 7 on his promotion to Chief Department Manager of KSI!

KSI xKing 77 on his promotion to Chief Administrative Officer of KSI!

KSI RiiOT 7 will be making the transition to the Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the community.


Congratulations to KSI Starset 7 on his promotion to Head of the Awards & Achievements Program!

Congratulations to KSI Uppish 7 on his promotion to the Head of the News Department!

Congratulations to KSIxAtomGen on his promotion to Senior T&E Staff!

Spirit Week Royalty

Spirit Week Queen – KSI DntAsk 7 (DM CoFo)
Spirit Week King – KSI Akame 7 (WD Gen)

Final Standings for the KSI Spirit Week 2020 Event overall:

1. Wicked Destruction 56 pts
2. Demonic Mayhem 36 pts
3. Sovereign Legacy 29 pts
4. Eternal Souls 26 pts

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved!

Leadership Council:

Congratulations to the following for being hired to the Leadership Council:

KSI xReckless (SL Gen)
KSI ATonyLaw (SL LT)
KSI Oddba11 (ES SGT)
KSI Galahad 7 (ES SGT / Co-Head of T&E)
KSI Shockr 7 (DM Co-Fo)

By the end, Spirit Week proved to be a fun-filled blast with a lot of amazing people earning spots in KSI History in a variety of ways. Event winners, Hall of Fame inductees, new Board of Directors members, new Department Heads, and more! A big congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in Spirit Week 2020. Without our members, we would never be able to do such amazing annual events.

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