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Spirit Week 2019: Day 1 Recap

Day 1 of Spirit Week has come and gone, and with it some exciting events! Come see how your Division faired, along with info about our new merch store!


The most highly anticipated Community Event of the year is finally here folks! This year we have some really awesome events coming at you for Spirit Week 2019. You can look forward to Siege and Black Ops 4 tournaments as well as Halo and much more! Today was the beginning of the festivities, opening with The Forums Challenge, then moving to the Uno and Prominence Poker Tournaments.

New Threads

A HUGE announcement was made at the Opening Ceremonies of Spirit Week as well! For those of us who like to spend money and sport our favorite gear, WE HAVE A NEW MERCHANDISE STORE!!!! KSI has teamed up with Pegasus Apparel releasing a whole new line of gear for our hardcore members, with new merch coming out in the future! Big thank you to all of those members on Social Media and who stream for getting us noticed! Check out our new bling on Pegasus Apparel’s KSI Global Gaming collection!!!

The Forums Challenge

The ever popular Forums Challenge came underway slightly earlier than planned due to a minuscule error. Out of the door swinging came DM with a hype for the ages. Within the first hour they took a 5 vote lead. 4 hours in, at 6:15pm est, 3 Divisions battle it out for first place running neck and neck. Who will come out on top for the first evening??? It’s anyone’s game at this point!


Event Host(s):

  • KSI Galahad
  • KSI AtomXGen
  • KSI DropShot 7


  • Not Streamed

First Place

  • EvilKingGanon17-WD (1st)
  • BirdDog Gage (2nd) – WD

Second Place

  • KSI Barb130 – ES

Third Place

  • KSI DropShot 7 – DL


We started out our Spirit Week events with a calm, yet oddly sweaty game! Uno has proven to be one of those games that families have returned to time and time again for entertainment. Today the stakes were higher when our KSI family went head to head against each other! Wicked Destruction ended up grabbing a tie for first place, with ES coming in second, and DL taking third! Congratulations to all of the winners!

7’s Prominence Poker

Actual screenshot from tonight’s Poker match.

Event Host(s):

  • KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89
  • KSI Akame
  • KSI Gambit 7


  • KSI Kalakoi 77

Despite opposition from Xbox live and a subsequent late start, Spirit Week moves forward with one of our first events of the week, being Prominence Poker. The contestants all played hard and one by one went bust until only one person remained.


Akame was the first to bust out, followed by KSI Kalakoi 77. This left Venum, Hatter and Gruntier to fight it out at Table 1. Gruntier was knocked out next leaving Venum and Hatter to fight for the win. Hatter and Venum, knowing they were headed to the final table, did an “all in” move. Sadly, this left Venum broke and Hatter “won” the table!

The Finals

The Final table left us Hatter, Romeo, Venum, Brunan, Akame, and Kalakoi. Our first to bust out in round 2 was Kalakoi. Despite Akame trying to go all in on a desperate play so he could go to bed, he ended up winning the hand and had to remain in the game. (We all got a chuckle out of it.) Hatter went on to win a big pot for 20k knocking out Brunan and Akame in the process.

Top Three Finalists

After the bust from Brunan, our top three finalists were set: Hatter, Venum, and Romeo. Romeo lost it all to Venum in a sly chance to call a bluff. This left Hatter and Venum to face off. After a long battle that lasted all of 2 minutes, they decided to end the table in an odd way: Go all in blind. Apparently they were both tired of playing. So, blindly going where no one has gone before, they stood in anticipation… Who’s favor would the cards fall in? 1 heart, 2 heart, 3 hearts fall and Venum takes it all with a Flush!

First Place

  • KSI Venum 7

Second Place

  • KSI Hatter 77

Third Place

  • KSIxRomeo 7

Current Forums Challenge Standings

The end of the the first night of Spirit Week 2019 rounded out with a Midnight shot of the Forums Challenge. All night long it was a battle for first place between DM, ES, and WD. WD stepped it up and had 51 votes by 10pm, looking like they would take 1st place for opening night. In a turn of events, ES didnt have any of that and pulled out a commanding 10 point lead, shutting the night out at 63.

Forums Challenge Voting Totals

  • Dark Legion  – 15
  • Demonic Mayhem – 46
  • Divine Warriors – 17
  • Eternal Souls – 63
  • Last Strike – 15
  • Sovereign Legacy – 23
  • Wicked Destruction – 53

What’s to come

We had a good first day of Spirit Week! Everything ended up happening rather smoothly, considering all of the challenges at hand. We have many, many exciting events coming to us very shortly. Tomorrow we have a night to remember full of Black Ops 4! There will be a Hardcore S&D match, Domination, and Knives Only events starting at 7:30 EST and going up to the start time of 9pm. Get hyped because Spirit Week 2019 is sure to pack a punch you won’t want to miss!

Stay tuned to KSI LIVE and our Twitter for more Spirit Week fun to come, and to catch up on all of the missed fun!

Article by: KSI Whiskey82, KSI Hatter 77 and KSI Harmony 7

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