Spirit Week 2019: Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of Spirit Week was nothing less than spectacular! If you missed out on the streams, we have you covered! Check out the “who’s who” of Day 2!

Day 2 Recap!

Spitfires, and GKS’s, and Knives OH MY! Tonight’s line up for Spirit Week was, you guessed it, BLACK OPS 4!!! Between Search and Destroy, Domination, and Knives Only, there wasn’t a nail left to be found on anyone’s hand! As always, each team came out with a determination to rival the Pros, and enough heart to outshine the sun.

If you missed the coverage of Day 1 for Spirit Week, have no fear. You can always check out the Spirit Week 2019: Day 1 Recap posted up on our KSI Global site!

Black Ops 4

Event Host(s):

  • Sephiroth XC
  • KSI CR4ZYJ4Y89


  • KSI FireHeart 7

Gametype: Search & Destroy

Well as always twitch.tv/ksilive is off to a rocky start with our normal connection issues. After our bumps in the road we got the games started. First game series of BO4 night was Search and Destroy. The Divisions that came out tonight showed up to play hard. Everyone had a different strategy, from “fast to plant the bomb” to a “low and slow approach” but at the end of they day they all came out to represent their Divisions.

All in all it was a long night a great game play. Last Strike started off with the first win of the night. They played well with great precision. Wicked Destruction came to play tonight. They walked in with some fast and crazy team work, and took some great wins before being knocked out.

There was awesome plays made by our KSI members. Demonic Mayhem had a nail biting last stand. With only 2 tenths of a second on the clock, they managed to deactivate the bomb for the win and continue on in the winners bracket. There were many more edge of your seat plays tonight within each match.

Sadly we were unable to watch the losers bracket but from what I can tell they weren’t taking no for an answer. The final match of the night came down to Wicked Destruction and Divine Warriors. WD, coming from the losers bracket, gave it their all. They managed to turn their losing ship around, reset the bracket, and took the overall win for Search and Destroy!


First Place – Wicked Destruction

  • KSI x Rogue
  • KSI Sweat
  • Ryan0219
  • KSI Tiger 77

Second Place – Divine Warriors

  • KSI Starset 7
  • KSI KillaClownz 
  • KSI HarleyGirl

Third Place – Demonic Mayhem

  • KSI Trixie
  • KSI  EzeD24 

Tonight all our Divs came out to support each other, and as always to take KSI Gambit 7s money. Congratulations to all our teams for putting on an exciting and fun night.

To catch the highlights and videos of the Black Ops 4 4v4 Search and Destroy, check out KSILive on Twitch!

Article by KSI TexAngel 7

Black Ops 4

Event Host(s):

  • KSI Akame 7
  • KSI FuzzyMeep 7


  • KSI MeShell 7

Gametype: 4v4 Domination

Domination was the name of the game. The stream issue Domination that is… In usual Spirit Week form and fashion, issues hit the games none stop. But the teams didn’t let that stop them! BO4 4v4 Hardcore Domination was a double elimination game.

The first line of matches for the evening weren’t able to be streamed, but it seems that the guys had one heck of a time playing!

Second Match of the night was DM vs ES, and man was it a rumble! The match was kept very close on scoring for the first half with ES in the lead. Second half was a different story as ES pulled away and gave DM their first match loss 200-123.

The third match of the night was DW vs ES. DW started off very smooth and solid, capping their points like a boss. After losing the water and window position on Contriband, DW started falling short giving ES an advantage. Taking the lead, ES never once looked back ending the match 200-119.

Top Three Lineup

The third place finale was DW vs DL on Payload. This was the losers bracket winners game. All I can say is DropShots back must have really hurt, running a KD of 45/17. From the beginning of the match, DL ran the table. Literally. Camping down mid point for spawns, DL straight said “YOU SHALL NOT PASS”! Giving DW 3rd place and advancing to the top 2 finalies, DL took the win 200 – 111.

The last match of the night was DL vs ES on Arsenal. This was for all of the colorful M&M cookies and massive bragging rights of BO4 HC Domination. From the beginning it looked like the teams were pretty even and going back and forth. But ES pulled away somehow managing to shutdown everything that DL did. Halfway through the score was 100 – 51 ES. Could DL pull back and win this to reset the winners bracket? It was too soon to tell. ES seemed to play teacher and have an answer for every question that DL tried to put out. Vent? Nope. Window? Nah brah. ES ended up dominating in Domination the whole time through beating DL and taking first place 200 – 104.


First Place: Eternal Souls

  • KSI Torch096
  • ZealousEqualty
  • EatMorCkin

Second Place: Dark Legions

  • KSI DropShot 7
  • KSI Dundarrach
  • KSI FearTheSLnC

Third Place: Divine Warriors

  • KSI December 77
  • KSI Courtesy329
  • KSI Dovahkiin 6

To catch more highlights and videos on the Black Ops 4 4v4 Domination matches, check out KSILive2 on Twitch!

Article by KSI Hatter 77

Black Ops 4

Event Host(s):

  • KSI Gambit 7

Gametype: Knives Only

DM ES seemed to go the hardest with knives and were basically head and head as all of their members went to the final lobby. Tomahawks seemed to be the player favorite as they were destroying each other’s skulls with them, some of the players ( like uppish, shadowo45, Headshot RR, and fast McGee) were all getting triple kills back to back. What seemed to be the highlight of the evening though was when “The Mighty has fallen”. KSI Soap 7, who had proclaimed himself the God of Melee with his hammer on twitter all week, was swiftly eliminated in first round of the Finals lobby.


First Place – Demonic Mayhem

  • KSI UppishB592

Second Place – Dark Legions

  • KSI Shadowo45

Third Place – Divine Warriors

  • KSI Headshot RR

Even though Knives Only wasn’t streamed, it seemed like all of the members had a stabbingly good time! Thank you to all of the members who showed to play, and congratulations to all of our winners!

Article by KSI Hatter 77 and KSI Gambit 7

Forums Challenge

As the second day of Spirit Week 2019 comes to a close, the Forums Challenge is an ever hopping spot to be! With 339 members who have voted, and over 266 comments, the battle on which Division reigns supreme is still an open ended decision. ES and WD have been going head to head, nearly tying several times throughout the day on that coveted first place spot. Currently, ES is holding out with 79 votes to WD’s 73, but it’s still anyone’s challenge to be had!!!

Forums Challenge Voting Totals

  • Dark Legion  – 18
  • Demonic Mayhem – 69
  • Divine Warriors – 27
  • Eternal Souls – 79
  • Last Strike – 17
  • Sovereign Legacy – 56
  • Wicked Destruction – 73

Spirit Week Scoreboard

  1. Divine Warriors – 12 points
  2. Eternal Souls – 12 points
  3. Wicked Destruction – 11 points
  4. Demonic Mayhem – 10 points
  5. Dark Legions – 9 points
  6. Sovereign Legacy – 5 points
  7. Last Strike – 1 point

All of our Divisions have fought tooth and nail in our Day 1 and 2 events! Lord knows they will continue to do so with even more fury as the R6S Bomb, R6S Secure Area, and Karaoke are our headliners for Day 3! We hope to see you all around on the streams (which will be up all night long), supporting your Divisions and members!

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