Spirit Week 2018: Day 4 – World War 2, Destiny 2

Check out our Day 4 Coverage of Spirit Week – World War 2 & Destiny 2!

Welcome To The Jungle

This Spirit Week one for the books! Wild triumphs were matched by equally staggering defeats on Day 4. The adrenaline flowed freely Saturday night as every Division geared up for war and returned to the FPS arena in what turned out to be one of the most fierce competitions yet.

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World War 2 – 4v4 Deathmatch

There were definitely some teams that stuck out as Forerunners in this event. The Board of Directors lost their first match but came back to win several consecutive games in a row. They seemed a top contender but ultimately met their end when they faced the FI team lead by KSI Airborne 7!

Nebula’s DW team seemed to be untouchable until they lost to WD’s team headed by Bio Zhi. They continued onto the Semi Finals to face FI, whom they had previously beaten.

Forced Induction learned from their past loss. They picked up momentum and cemented their place in the Finals by knocking out DW. The battle heated up as Forced Induction and Wicked Destruction faced each other in the final showdown. FI had a loss under their belt and would need two wins to bring down the reigning champions.

The Final Match was an epic adventure but ultimately WD reigned supreme as Spirit Week’s WW2 Champions!

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First Place: Wicked Destruction

Bio Zhi

KSI LostHyperen

KSI Redsoldier

KSI Soulz

Second Place: Forced induction

KSI Airborne 7

KSI Cable

KSI Fadez 7

KSI Kommandant

Third Place: Divine Warriors



KSI xShock 7

KSI x Artifice

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World War 2 – 7’s Free For All

The final FPS competition of Spirit Week was held on World War 2. It was a fast pace face-off that saw our leaders compete against each other as they represented their respective divisions.

There were two lobbies – one hosted by KSI Gambit 7 and the other by KSI Harmony 7.

Gambit’s lobby had some Call of Duty Veterans that had obviously been practicing for this moment. With only 15 kills to win the lobby, the games were quick and extremely competitive. The top 4 winners were KSI Airborne 7 (FI), KSI Skarzx 77 (EO), KSI FluffyPup 7 (DM), and KSI Havoc 7 (DW) .

Harmony’s lobby ended up being 3 rounds long. The party was silent as every competitor focused on reaching the top before the game was set. The atmosphere proved to be friendly and relaxed, as competitions go. The top 4 winners were KSI Blood 7 (DM), KSI xKing 77(DW), KSI Kalakoi 77 (WD), KSI Soap (CD).

The 7’s Final was an awesome match up of different skill-sets. KSI Airborne 7 brought the win home for FI. One kill separated second place from the two competitors tied for third. These 7’s represented what KSI is truly about – coming together with a common goal, achieving your best and representing the KSI community on a daily basis.

Watch coverage of the Final here >>> WW2 – 7’s FFA Final

First Place: Forced Induction

KSI Airborne 7

Second Place: Demonic Mayhem

KSI Blood 7

Third Place: Divine Warriors

KSI Havoc 7

Check out the complete lineups here – World War 2 – 7’s FFA

Destiny 2 – 4v4 Control

Sweaty palms and tense shoulders – the Destiny 2 showdown was finally here and the passion never faded.

When the matches finally got underway, LS came out bucking hard like a bronco, dominating match after match. That is until they faced their toughest opponent in DM – who had rolled over every opponent they faced prior. It was a nail-biting match up but LS managed to come out on top.

The Board of Directors played tough but were eliminated early by both DM and DL. DW started out with a hash of wins before being knocked down by LS. WD suffered an early defeat at the hands of DW, but that did not shake their resolve as they held on strong, defeating every opponent until they faced DM. DL was tripped up early by LS and eventually eliminated by CD. CD started out with a win over ES, but couldn’t overcome DM’s dominate play. They kept the spark alive with a win over DL, but faced another tough competitor in WD, leading to their elimination. FI put up a fight, but were unfortunately eliminated early with 2 back to back losses to DW and DL.

The two obvious powerhouses – Demonic Mayhem and Last Strike – eventually met in the Final. LS was looking to keep their win streak alive, while DM had their sights set on redemption. They needed to beat LS twice to claim the crown. DM came out flexing early with a dominating performance and a game 1 win. Following that was the second finals match to determine the champion. LS took some deep breathes and regrouped mentally to push pass the surprising first round defeat.

The second match started with LS and DM neck and neck. DM kept the pressure coming and slowly pulled away. Ultimately, Demonic Mayhem would take home the Championship for the Destiny 2 event.

First Place: Demonic Mayhem

KSI Breakfast 7

KSI Orbital JP

KSI MooTew

KSI ninja dm80

Second Place: Last Strike

KSI December 77


Jace the Adept

KSI March

Third Place: Wicked Destruction

KSI Flamester01




Check out the complete lineups here – Destiny 2 – 4v4 Control

Forums Challenge

Wicked Destruction continues to pull away from the pack, sitting at 80 points currently. DW maintains second with 67 points and EO third with 59 points. The pressure’s on! Spirit Week is drawing to a close and Divisions are running out of time if they hope to contest the Forums Challenge leaders. Hopefully we’ll see a late rush of members voting!

Check out the details here: Spirit Week Forums Challenge

Nearing The End

Spirit Week is wrapping up! The final events happen Sunday the 24th. These include the UNO Donor’s Event, the conclusion of the Spirit Week Forums Challenge and the Spirit Week Closing Ceremony.

Don’t forget – if you missed any of the events of 2018 Spirit Week, you can find coverage on our YouTube channel here: KSI Global Gaming


Article by KSI Harmony 7, KSI N3O, KSI December 7 | Header image by KSI Sinz

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