Spirit Week 2018: Day 3 – Karaoke, Rocket League

Check out our Day 3 Coverage of Spirit Week!

The Party Continues

We’ve reached our halfway point as Day 3 of Spirit Week 2018 comes to an end! Can you believe how fast it’s flown by? Day 3 coverage definitely had us on the edge of our seats – whether it was singing along to the karaoke competitors or cheering for our teams in Rocket League. The amount of spirit and representation from all the Divisions is impressive this year! Keep trucking along to catch the latest details!

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It’s never easy singing for a crowd, let alone a panel of judges. Props to all the contestants who came out and represented their divisions! The depth of talent in this competition was incredible. Kudos to the judges for being encouraging and helping the nervous ones get through their 45 seconds in the spotlight.

Host: KSI Igan o7

Judges: KSI FuzzyMeep 7, KSI AllStarRM17, KSI God Zeus

Streamer: KSI ShadowFoxx

Top 3 Individual Winners

1st Place: KSI Karisaur (EO) – “City Of Stars” from La La Land

2nd Place: KSI Widow 77 (EO) – “Piece By Piece” by Kelly Clarkson

3rd Place: KSIxHappy (DM) – “Forever Don’t Last” by Jazmine Sullivan

Top 3 Divisional Winners

1st Place: Explosive Outlaws – KSI Karisaur & KSI Widow

2nd Place: Demonic Mayhem – KSIxHappy

3rd Place: Wicked Destruction – KSI Cherry 7

Check out the entire Karaoke competition lineup here – Spirit Week 2018 Karaoke

Rocket League 2v2

Hosts: KSI Breakfast 7 & KSI Galahad

Streamer: KSI Galahad

Watch coverage of the Final here >>> Rocket League 2v2 Final

First Place: Forced Induction

KSI Silence 7 & KSI POPenguin

Second Place: Divine Warriors

KSI x Artifice & ChummerManTyler

Third Place: Wicked Destruction

KSI I See Stars & TonisM

Check out the Rocket League competition lineup – Spirit Week 2018 Rocket League 2v2

Forums Challenge

Wicked Destruction continues to extend their lead to a whopping 74 points. DW sits in second with 63 points and EO in third with 57. We have 2 days to left! It more important than ever for the other Divisions to start making moves if they hope to overtake the leaders!

Check out the details here: Spirit Week Forums Challenge


Demonic Mayhem – 53

Last Strike – 47

Forced Induction – 33

Divine Warriors – 63

Dark Legions – 24

Wicked Destruction – 74

Crimson Dawn – 16

Explosive Outlaws – 57

Eternal Souls – 27

Current Point Count

Wicked Destruction holds on to their overall lead with 19 points!

The competition remains closer than ever with only a 1 point difference between all of the top 6 teams. Explosive Outlaws clings to second with Demonic Mayhem close behind in third.

Spirit Week 2018 Scoreboard

Back To The Grind

Coming up next, our Day 4 Coverage will include World War 2 – 4v4 Team Death Match, World War 2 – 7’s Free For All and Destiny 2 – 4v4 Control. We’re excited to see which divisions bring their A-games as we return to the ultra sweaty FPS arena!


Article by KSI December 77, KSI Widow 77 | Header image by KSI Sinz

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