Spirit Week 2018: Day 2 – Black Ops 2, Halo 5

Spirit Week 2018 is finally here! Check out our Day 2 coverage!

The Action Continues

Welcome back! Spirit Week 2018 is officially underway! Day 2 Coverage was indeed a wild ride. Our featured games were Black Ops 2 and Halo 5. Many Divisions showed up to play – and play hard. Catch all the details below!

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Black Ops 2 – 4v4 Search & Destroy

Hosts: KSI xHAWKx 7 & KSI ShadowFoxx

Streamer: KSI RestNPeace 7

Wicked Destruction made it clear they were bringing the heat. They shot to an early tournament lead by dropping the hammer on both LS and the BOD team. Maintaining dominance throughout the night allowed them to secure a first place win.

Watch footage from the Final here >>> Black Ops – 4v4 S&D Final

First Place: Wicked Destruction

Bio Zhi


KSI Flamester01

Fatal o0o Zero

Second Place: Demonic Mayhem

KSI Gruntier 7

KSI Blood 7

KSI MeShell 7

KSI Kratos18

Third Place: Divine Legions


KSI bubbaKat

KSI WolfBane

KSI Jaymaster

Check out all the official lineups here! Black Ops 2 – 4v4 S&D Lineups

Halo 5 – Capture The Flag

Hosts: KSI W1CKED 7 & KSI BadKitty 7

Streamer: KSI Fireheart 7

Last Strike and Demonic Mayhem both had powerful starts, each dropping a W out of the gate. Forced Induction won their first game as well but lost to the BOD team in their second. The Final Match featured the veteran BOD team and a stacked squad from Last Strike. Congrats to LS for coming out on top! COMBAT!

Watch footage from the Final here >>> Halo 5 – 4v4 CTF Final

First Place: Last Strike

KSI Memes

KSI Ferocity

KSI Fear 7


Second Place: Demonic Mayhem

KSI Pastries 7

KSI Breakfast 7

KSI ColeTrainxD

KSI ninja dm80

Third Place: Forced Induction

KSI Negan 7

KSI GreenDay Fox

KSI Fadez 7


Find the official Halo 5 lineups here – Halo 5 – 4v4 CTF Lineups

Halo 5 – 7’s Free For All

Host: KSI Gambit 7

From the beginning, the playing field looked one sided. The eventual winners ran the top of the leaderboard from the time they spawned in. DW, ES and LS showed up in force. Congratulations Spartans!

First Place: Divine Warriors

KSI Havoc 7

Second Place: Eternal Souls

KSI Gambit 7

Third Place: Last Strike


Find the official Halo 5 lineups here – Halo 5 – 7’s FFA

Forums Challenge

The Forums are hot right now! Wicked Destruction keeps their solid lead at 60 points. Second place is getting cramped with DM, DW and EO all sitting at 49 points. We still have 3 days to go! More than enough time for other teams to make a run for the win! Check out the details here: Spirit Week Forums Challenge

Forums Point Spread at 9:00am EST – Friday 22nd

Demonic Mayhem – 49

Last Strike – 43

Forced Induction – 32

Divine Warriors – 49

Dark Legions – 20

Wicked Destruction – 60

Crimson Dawn – 15

Explosive Outlaws – 49

Eternal Souls – 18

Current Point Count

Day 2 of Spirit Week 2018 is concluded and so far it’s been one of the closest races we’ve ever seen.

Wicked Destruction has forcefully taken the lead with a 15 point total.

Second place is a current tie between DM, ES, EO and LS – each sitting at 13 points. Obviously it’s going to be a long, hard grind for each of these Divisions as they try to overtake WD.

Spirit Week 2018 Scoreboard

Special Announcement

Congratulations to KSI Jupiter 7 for being inducted into the KSI Hall Of Fame!

Day 3 Agenda

As we take a break from fast paced FPS shooters, we prepare ourselves for Day 3 of Spirit Week. It’ll include the greatly anticipated Karaoke Competition on KSILive and the much-hyped Rocket League 2v2 event on KSILive2.

As always, please tune in to our lives streams and show your support for the community and its competitors!


Article by KSI December 77, KSI Hatter 7, KSI MFLSwagg 7 | Header image by KSI Sinz

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