Spirit Week 2018: Day 1 – Poker, Overwatch, Forums Challenge

Spirit Week 2018 is finally here! Check out our Day 1 coverage!

Spirit Week 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen! It’s finally here. Welcome to Spirit Week 2018.

It’s been a long wait and the anticipation is THROUGH THE ROOF. We couldn’t be more excited for all the events and competitions coming down the pipe.

The News Department will be covering each event and updating the Divisional point standings daily. Be sure to tune in on Twitch to watch everything as it happens – KSILive and KSILive2.

Also, make sure to catch all our competition recaps on Global.org.

Opening Ceremony

During our opening ceremony, the Board of Directors, Senior Directors, and Directors all gathered to share a brief breakdown of the events to come.

Tonight’s events include the 7’s Prominence Poker Tournament, Overwatch 3v3 Capture The Flag and the annual KSI Forums Challenge.

Also announced tonight – KSI AtomXGen from ES was inducted into the KSI Hall Of Fame!

Check out our Events Schedule to see all the Spirit Week competitions coming up this week!

Prominence Poker 7’s

The Prominence Poker gameplay was nothing but intense!

Two of the tables were hosted by KSI Harmony 7, one by KSI AllStarRM17, and one hosted by KSI Galahad with commentary from the 7’s competing in the tournament.

The trash talk began early. All the members of Galahad’s table stayed in for quite some time. The first contestant was eliminated 38min into the game.  After nearly an hour of play, KSI FuzzyMeep 7 took the table.

On Allstar’s table it came down to pocket 6’s from KSI Skarzx 77 and an all-in push from KSI Ace 7. Skarzx would eventually take the table!

Included in the action on Harmony’s tables was a showdown between KSIfiremomma7 and KSI Brunan 7. Brunan finally took the lead and the table sat back to relax with some smooth tunes by courtesy of Firemomma.

The final table finished with a battle between KSI Gruntier 7 of DM and KSI Prophecy v7 from DL. Gruntier took the win!

The final winners table featured KSI FuzzyMeep 7, KSI Gruntier 7, KSI Brunan 7 and KSI Skarzx 77. Everyone was looking for bragging rights and hoping to bring the win for their own Division. After nearly an hour of high stakes, no one had been eliminated. The first to be knocked out was our BOD member Fuzzy! KSI Gruntier 7 took the win! Second place was a tie between KSI Skarzx 77 and KSI Brunan 7! Seriously epic battle.

Check out our streamed coverage of the Final Table

Overwatch – 3v3 Capture The Flag

Our Overwatch tournament was hosted by KSI God Zeus and KSI Gambit 7.

Explosive Outlaws got off to a wicked start by taking down Divine Warriors, Wicked Destruction and Last Strike. Eventually the BOD team would prove to be their stiffest competition.

“I really enjoyed playing against other teams during last night’s tournament. I couldn’t wait for the matchup with LS and playing against the BOD is always exciting. They always show up and they always put up a fight. Definitely a jack of all trades. EO is stoked for the rest of Spirit Week – we’re showin’ up OVER 9000!!! #takEOver” -KSI Sinz, Explosive Outlaws

Congratulations to our finalists! – Overwatch – 3v3 CTF Final

1st Place – Explosive Outlaws

2nd Place – Board Of Directors

3rd Place – Last Strike

Forums Challenge

After a 30min delay, our annual KSI Forums Challenge opened up at 8:00pm EST. Fifteen minutes in, EO had EXPLODED to an early lead with LS and DW close behind.

By midnight, WD had come from behind to build a massive overall lead. LS and DM stayed close behind in 2nd and 3rd.

Point Spread at 12:00am – Thursday 21st

Demonic Mayhem – 34

Last Strike – 37

Forced Induction – 22

Divine Warriors – 27

Dark Legions – 9

Wicked Destruction – 43

Crimson Dawn – 15

Explosive Outlaws – 31

Eternal Souls – 17

Current Point Count

Spirit Week 2018 Score Board

More Competition To Come

The rest of the week is full of big games and heavy hitters. The Halo, Destiny and COD competitions look to be the highly anticipated events. As always, we expect these games to draw the highest level of competition.

Two things we can promise you: Broken Records and Spirit Week Glory.

Will Last Strike retain their Spirit Week crown for a third year in a row? (COMBAT!) Or will the next powerhouse Division step up and take the throne? Keep your eyes here for coverage as it breaks.

Stay sweaty y’all. The Spirit is real.


Article by KSI December 77 & KSI Harmony 7 | Header image by KSI Sinz

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