Spirit Week 2018: Day 5 – UNO Donor FFA, Closing Ceremony

The Closing Ceremony is upon us!

Spirit Week Day 5

Sadly, we are upon the last day of Spirit Week. It’s been a wild ride for everyone who’s participated and been a part of the events. Day 5 included an UNO Donor FFA and the Spirit Week Closing Ceremony. This may be heartbreaking but there are many things to look forward to tonight!

As always, the winners be announced and KSI Senior Leadership will have many exciting announcements!

UNO – Donor’s Free For All

This event was for all the members who donated to KSI or subscribed to our Twitch channel, twitch.tv/ksilive. Let the last day of Spirit Week begin!

Truth be told, Uno is a all about luck and it could have been anyone’s game. Lasting well over two hours, the competition was fierce.

KSI Bane took home first place for DW! Bane’s placing first at this event brought DW into the top 3 divisions for Spirit Week! KSI Cable from FI took second place, and KSI Skarzx 77 from EO claimed third.

Check out footage of the Final match here >>> UNO Donor’s Event Highlights

Forums Challenge

The competition was through the roof. Explosive Outlaws shot out to an early lead over the first two days of the Forums Challenge. As things progressed, Wicked Destruction would assume the top spot and never look back. Ending the Challenge with a whopping 80 points, WD further validated their 2018 Spirit Week win!

Final Results

Wicked Destruction – 80

Divine Warriors – 70

Explosive Outlaws – 64

Demonic Mayhem – 63

Last Strike – 49

Forced Induction – 34

Eternal Souls – 27

Dark Legions – 25

Crimson Dawn – 16

Spirit Week Forums Challenge

Final Point Count

Congratulations to our 2018 Spirit Week Champions – Wicked Destruction!

WD’s Spirit Week win was much evidenced by their teams’ amazing performances in Minecraft, Black Ops 2, World War 2 and the Forums Challenge. Putting an end to Last Strike’s two-year Spirit Week reign, WD has stepped up and claimed the crown for their own.

Spirit Week 2018 Scoreboard

Closing Ceremony

“It went swell. Don’t quote that. Really though. Smoothest it’s ever gone before. Every department provided stability throughout the event. T&E by hosting and organizing the competitions, Productions for streaming the live coverage, News for recapping and publishing Spirit Week articles, Graphics for creating the images for our social media outlets and News articles. Everything genuinely went as smooth as could be, even compared to past years. Just over 700 people participated in the event, including the forums challenge. We were really impressed with the amount of social media output and with the overall Winner. (WD) Spirit Week went as well as I could’ve expected or hoped.” – KSI FuzzyMeep 7

“Spirit Week has gotten progressively better each year. I can remember two years ago when the Board assisted with about 50% of the events. Last year they helped out with one or two. This year the Tournaments & Events Department orchestrated the entirety of Spirit Week. Events were streamlined, messages were sent out on time, tournaments were well run. There was also a crazy amount of social media activity during the week! The Twitch stream itself attracted between 50-75 viewers per night. I’d like to give a huge shoutout to KSI Galahad for not only hosting and streaming simultaneously multiple times, but also for doing so in the UK timezone – hours ahead of most other staff. I’d also like to give credit to KSI BadKitty 7, KSI Gambit 7 and the T&E Department, KSI Gary 7 and Productions, and KSI True 77 and the News Team. Each of these Departments played a vital role in ensuring Spirit Week’s success this year. Last but not least – we owe so much to the dedication of KSI’s Clan Ops members. Spirit Week would be meaningless without the participation of our amazing community.” – KSI Impyyy 7

King and Queen

The members who were chosen for these titles exemplify KSI in every way. These leaders are active in most, if not all aspects of KSI. They donate to members, officer assistance, and set the example for others to follow. This title is no easy feat!

Please congratulate KSI Bane on his title of Spirit Week King!

Please congratulate KSI BadKitty 7 on her title of Spirit Week Queen!


Many, many congratulations are due throughout this community!

KSI RiiOT 7 was promoted from forums Global Moderator to User Support Admin.

KSI Scotland 7 and Tavie were promoted to Senior Forums Moderators.

KSI Scotland 7 was promoted to Chief Department Manager (CDM).

KSI Cherry 7 was promoted to Director.

KSI Gambit 7 was promoted to Senior Director.

KSI Greg 7 was promoted to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

KSI ImPyyy 7 was promoted to Chief Executive Officer (CEO).


KSI Fuzzymeep 7 retired from Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to Chairman, which means he simply oversees the Board of Directors.


Many exciting events occurred this week and we would all be fools not to  this motivation for the rest of the year. With so many changes, we can guarantee this community will continue to grow and improve. We have already seen what our members are capable of – let’s keep that momentum going!

This, by far, has been the most successful Spirit Week we have hosted. Every single division participated! Six out of our nine current divisions participated in every event! The scores were more closely tied than they have ever been, some divisions losing by merely a single point.

Thank you to everyone who participated. Without participants, there would be no events. Thank you to everyone who planned and coordinated Spirit Week, as Spirit Week is a long and stressful event to manage. Thank you to all of the departments for making this experience better for this entire community. Finally, thank you to the board for ensuring all of this was successful, offering prizes, and creating motivation for this community as a whole.

This concludes one very successful Spirit Week and we hope to see you again next year!


Article by KSI True 77, KSI December 77, KSI xKamikaze

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