Weekend Warfare: Smite 3v3 Joust

Weekend Warfare 12/2/17: Smite 3v3 Joust results are in. Come check out the facts!


This weekend we had an extremely competitive Weekend Warfare: Smite Joust 3v3 tournament! Bringing in a wide spread of players from lower tiers, all the way up to Platinum, Diamond and Masters.

Our hosts for this Weekend Warfare event: KSI Breakfast 7, KSI Hebrew 7, KSI Furian 7
streamed by our very own: KSI Fireheart 7.

We had 5 groups of 3, teams as follows:

Jigsaw’s team

KSI JessiRedJet
KSI Joker74

AphroRhys’ team

KSI AphroRhys
KSI De5stroyer17

Ganking’s team

KSI Ganking
KSI Mirage
Sony vs yo mom

xXsandman1013Xx’s team

Mr Stunkgolf

Jason v4’s team

KSI Tio Titah
(Substitutes – KSI HEBREW 7, MythicalMan 117)

Round 1

xXsandman1013Xx’s team            Jigsaw’s team
Baccus                                           Neith
Medusa                                         Skadi
Cabraken                                       Kuzenbo

xXsandman1013Xx’s team went the usual double tank composition. This is currently the meta due to being able to gain large amounts of early game pressure. Thus, Jigsaw’s team got early countered with physical defense due to most of their damage being mostly physical. The game ended with xXsandman1013Xx’s team winning 23 kills to 3 kills.

Ganking’s Team VS AphroRhys’ team

In this case, AphroRhys decided to ban Sony vs yo mom and Ganking’s best gods, Medusa and Cu Chulainn. Moreover, they unfortunately had to leave open the 2 best guardians, Artio and Cabrakan, by doing so. Ganking’s team picked into those and Cernunnos.

AphrosRhys’ team           Ganking’s team
Ravana                             Artio
Nox                                  Cabraken
Hachiman                        Cernunnos

In the end of it all, Ganking’s team ended up winning the the early game snowball, leading into a landslide victory of 14-1 kill with Ganking’s team winning.

Round 2

Ganking’s team                        xXsandman1013Xx’s team

Anhur                                       Cu Chulainn
Ganesha                                   Baccus
Cabraken                                  Apollo

Ganking’s team lost first blood in the early game but came back with an overwhelming win of 16 to 4
double guard compositions seemingly to be taking the lead this tournament

Round 3

Ganking’s team              Snix’s team

Xing tian                         Sobek
Ares                                Ravana
Medusa                          Hou Yi

Snix’s team had the better early game composition and should have had a lot of pressure. In this case, Ganking’s team focused around burning their purification beads and won the engagements off of pulling the Hou Yi into Xing Tian/Ares ultimate’s. Ganking’s team winning 13-0


Going into the very heated final battle both teams agreed to do all hunters with no defense for the final game.

Ganking’s Team                   xXsandman1013Xx’s Team

Ah Muzen                           Cab Hou Yi
Artemis                               Medusa
Cernunnos                          Chiron

Notably, this was a moderately close game but Ganking’s team took the victory 18 to 9!


Final Standings Being:

1st place:
Team Captain: KSI Ganking
KSI Mirage
Sony vs yo mom

2nd place:
Team Captain; xXsandman1013Xx
Mr Stunkgolf

3rd place:
Team Captain: Jason v4
MythicalMan 117

Summing up this weekend’s Weekend Warfare we had a modest turnout of players from around the community! They got to enjoy what KSI and more specifically, what our Tournaments and Event team brings to the table. Look forward to our next event, being 3v3 Rainbow Six Siege! Link to the sign ups posted below.


In addition, if you are interested in seeing the full games and final event follow the link below:


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